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  • Ian Munsick


    Ian Munsick Music Artist Q&A

    By Will Craft The phrase “I guess I still could,” seemed to be the mantra of Sheridan County native Ian Munsick. While he only said...

  • How to Prepare (for) The Perfect Steak


    How to Prepare (for) The Perfect Steak

    Tasks can be successfully completed in a myriad of ways. For example, one can ride in the bed of a pickup truck sitting, standing, planking,...

  • A Talk of Life and Art with Wyoming Native Gabe Leonard


    Where It All Began

    A Talk of Life and Art with Wyoming Native Gabe Leonard By: Molly Michieli Growing up in Wyoming is unlike any place else. Here there...

  • Business

    Coal Creek Coffee Company: A Worthy Pursuit

    By: Tyler Julian There is something about the Coal Creek Coffee Company, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Something draws people into...

  • Adventure. Hunting. Dry Fork Collaborative.


    Adventure. Hunting. Dry Fork Collaborative.

    Dry Fork Collaborative is an outdoor video production company located right here in Sheridan. Their goal according to Gene Leath, Dry Fork’s owner, is “…to...

  • Adventure

    Wyoming’s National Forests — The “Other” Parks

    This year Americans were especially enamored by the majesty and natural wonders of our nation’s 59 National Parks. This year was, after all, the National...

  • hemingway fishing wyoming


    Fishing with Scotch: Hemingway and Wyoming

    In Ernest Hemingway’s well-received short story, “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber,” the legendary American author writes of hunting big game in Africa with...

  • cinematic of wyoming landscape


    Wyoming in Film

    Wyoming has mystified writers, poets, and explorers since its first discovery. Its vast mountain ranges and pristine wilderness inspires a sense of awe and grand...

  • Adventure

    How The Tetons Got Their Name

    How the Tetons Got Their Name Western Wyoming is well known for quite a number of different things, including Yellowstone National Park, the Wyoming/Idaho border,...

  • Diana Volk


    2017 Wyoming Resolutions

    Yellowstone Ahhhh, Yellowstone.  We’re kicking this list off with perhaps the most obvious choice, but after hearing how many Wyoming Folks haven’t been to Yellowstone...

  • casper totality


    Totality Enroute for Casper

    Totality is a strange word. At first, the word seems a bit rash, as if you have wholly wrecked a car. It also seems a...

  • Adventure

    Wyoming: A Last Frontier for the Modern-Day Pioneer

    Author: Virginia Schmidt   Wyoming is a place for dreamers as well as doers. Growing up here, the endless open sky, rolling sage-kissed plains and...