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Sheridan Business Rallies To Bring Back Antelope Butte


Wyoming will soon see the return of one its most beloved mountain recreation areas, Antelope Butte. Located in the Bighorn Mountains just 35 miles East from Greybull and 59 miles West from Sheridan, the ski area once served as a staple for surrounding communities and drew snowsports enthusiast from all over Wyoming.

It was originally opened in 1961 and many locals grew up learning how to ski and snowboard there. Unfortunately, it was closed in 2004. In 2011 the Antelope Butte Foundation was formed by a group of locals who recognized the value of Antelope Butte, and efforts to reopen began.

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“I grew up going to Antelope Butte with my family and friends, it’s where I learned to snowboard,” said Antelope Butte Fundraising Director, Josh Law. “It’s a special place that was a tight-knit community and sadly we haven’t had it for 14 years.”

The new and improved Antelope Butte will be a year-round mountain recreation area. Staying true to its roots, snowsports will still be a major focus. It will be a thriving ski area and offer a natural way to stay active and healthy, especially during long Wyoming Winters when outdoor activities are limited. Outside of the Winter season, in the future visitors will be able to enjoy, scenic chairlift rides, biking, and much more. The new Antelope Butte will also host many different events for children and families.

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The local community has rallied behind the Antelope Butte Foundation. They have worked very hard to get equipment ready and safe, with the goal of opening for the 2018-2019 Winter Season.

In order to help with the reopening, local Sheridan company EMIT Technologies has offered up a challenge grant of $100,000 for Antelope Butte. As part of the EMIT Community Project, for every $1 raised EMIT will match, that’s a possible $200,000 that would go to helping Antelope Butte reopen!

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“We were deeply humbled when EMIT chose us to receive this grant and it will be a huge help in getting Antelope Butte ready to reopen,” said Law. “EMIT recognizes the value of Antelope Butte and what it will mean for our community.”

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Antelope Butte has been undeniably missed since it’s closing. Antelope Butte will provide Wyoming with a year-round mountain recreation area in the Bighorn Mountains. It will be a place where children and beginners can learn new skills and gain an appreciation for the environment. A place where families and friends can come together year-round and have fun in the great outdoors.

Image courtesy of Antelope Butte

Now through December join the challenge and help bring back Antelope Butte for Wyoming.

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