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Adventure. Hunting. Dry Fork Collaborative.


Dry Fork Collaborative is an outdoor video production company located right here in Sheridan. Their goal according to Gene Leath, Dry Fork’s owner, is “…to share our adventures through production quality media. Dedicated to conservation, Dry Fork Collaborative emphasizes fair chase and ethical hunting, hoping to inspire and educate the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.”

Although not backed by big money or any of the traditional trappings of large industry, Dry Fork’s previous work has been inlayed with a sincere sense of reverence for Wyoming and her natural beauty. Their work is not only important, but very entertaining and serves to shed light on the splendor of Wyoming’s wilderness. Said Leath, “As a Wyoming native and a second-generation outfitter, I am rooted deeply in the outdoors. The backcountry of the Bighorn Mountains and sagebrush steppe of the powder river basin are my inspiration and home, but recent opportunities have lead me on multiple trips to the backcountry of Canada. The Yukon and British Columbia are vast and daunting landscapes; a perfect place for a videographer who seeks to represent large scale experiences through film. Through the lens, the world is big, and I am reminded that I am small.”

DFC has produced a short film for the KIUI Film Festival, an annual event that accepts all kinds of admissions depicting in many lights the world of hunting. Dry Fork needs our help to win and gain some visibility, so let’s show our support for these fine artists!

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