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Motorcycle & Lifestyle Digital Brand to Open Unique Community Headquarters in Wyoming


Emboldened by an appetite for life and chasing down the wanderlust that holds most people in a comfortable limbo, Go Fast Don’t Die (GFDD) is planting permanent roots in Sheridan, Wyo. with the opening of their headquarters in spring 2021. The group has already begun moving into nearly 7,500 square feet of the former Sheridan Iron Works, a building with history as durable as its tenants. The headquarters will serve as a community “DIY” garage, expanded workspace for their builds and projects, and the premier of its first retail storefront.

Once a family saying for living life to fullest and coming back in one piece, the team at GFDD expanded their witty road catchphrase into a global digital brand through social media. Their channels have attracted well over 150,000 followers, not including a following of ambassadors that have amassed over a million in its collective audience. Ambassadors preach inspirational mantras complemented by inspirational photos against awe inspiring backdrops on salt flats, mountain vistas, desert topography and the winding jungle roads of international exploration.

In its fourth year, the crew at GFDD has built their brand with an emphasis on community rather than on an obvious brand champion and has focused their announcement on the brand at large rather than individuals. Their spokesperson and co-founder — who preferred anonymity — reveals his humbling journey to build a global digital footprint and bring the company into full operation in Wyoming.

“When I was a little kid, I thought the only jobs I could get if I stayed in Sheridan was working as a coal miner or in an oil field,” said the co-founder. “I never thought you could build a brand like this until we did – almost by accident.”

Several crew members were born and raised in Sheridan and have experienced the world through the lens of the state’s strong values. Wyoming is also home to many firsts, and is quietly rising in the ranks for young entrepreneurs who want to make something of themselves.

The brand itself is heavily saturated in offbeat motorcycle culture and expression, and their message stimulates visual encouragement for ordinary people to manifest their dreams to travel, ride a motorcycle or simply live life more fully. Perhaps that’s why the quiet mountain town in Wyoming’s northeastern corner is an ideal place for building a community haven where a person can simply walk inside without fear or judgment.

While home to only about 17,000 people, Sheridan is nestled against the vast Bighorn Mountains and has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. New residents seeking a slower pace of life are delighted to find it’s also home to a few unique brands, including King Ropes, a specialty rope and lariat provider whose trucker hats adorn the heads of people across the country who have never set foot in the Equality State. GFDD has a similar presence and the grand opening of its first brick and mortar location will allow locals and visitors to shop their popular apparel, a cornerstone to the brand’s success.

The long-anticipated opening of a retail shop is part of a larger vision B and the crew share. Wyoming is widely known for its welcoming community among tourists, and that’s exactly what the team at GFDD is counting on in their latest venture.

“This is going to be a destination for people who want to be part of something,” says one of the founders. “From day one, our mission has been to contribute to the culture and community that inspired and continues to inspire our brand’s existence. The headquarters is going to be the embodiment of our ethos, culture and intentions, and everyone is welcome.”

Attempts to restore the Sheridan Iron Works building to its namesake have changed through many hands over the years, but the most recent and notable progress was made after current owner Derek Gilbert, “The Doc,” purchased the building around 2016. Gilbert shares in the same passion as many residents who have a fondness for the building and want to see it preserved. He has shored up the roof where it had collapsed in places and replaced the broken windows. Initially, Gilbert did not have an exact purpose for the space though he envisioned it becoming a future hub for Sheridan that would help drive the economy in some way. He has also had a special interest in motorcycles for most his life so when headquarter discussions with the crew at GFDD began, he knew they would be a fit.

“I’ve always wanted something cool in there, something that’s in line with the building’s traditions,” says Gilbert. “I love what the Go Fast Don’t Die’s brand stands for and how they contribute positively to youth, women and the general Sheridan community and I think these guys are going to build something very special for our local economy.”

Gilbert hopes that restoration efforts will continue forward to bring the Sheridan legacy back to its prime, and that the GFDD presence will only continue to honor and drive the building’s eventual completion.

The pandemic hasn’t slowed GFDD from explosive growth over the past year. A partner to the company called it an ‘excellent year, one of our best,’ as adventurers and hobbyists alike discovered the brand’s meaningful messages through social media while spending weeks, and even months, in lockdown. But the group doesn’t just want followers. They’re committed to encouraging their fans to act on their ambitions.

“Someone can spend all day scrolling through what they dream about and by the time they have the resources and courage to get around to acting on it, sometimes it’s too late,” said the co-founder. “That’s why we want to expand on our vision. No one gets out alive, so live accordingly.”

An announcement will be released soon for a spring open house to reveal the space to the community and fans.


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