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Sheridan WYO Rodeo 2021


Photos by Eric and Karie Salveggio of E Bar K Photography

Garth Brooks sings of the ‘roar of the Sunday crowd’ when it comes to rodeo, but that whole image paled in comparison to this year’s Sheridan Wyo. After a year of no one being able to rodeo due to COVID restrictions, the crowd was not only eager to ‘Get Wyo’d!’ but let this eagerness be heard – probably downtown – and that was only Wednesday night! What a state to live in. The crowd roared their appreciation for all military and first responders, sang the national anthem together, and when it was time, the crowd’s ‘Amen’ at the end of the opening prayer sent chills down your spine.

Hailey Kinsel, Barrel Racing
Cole Reiner, Bareback Riding

But the biggest roars of all were for the men and women who came to compete. Sterling Crawley, Hailey Kinsel and Trey Kimsey as well as several from the surrounding area like Troy Tillard, Cole Reiner and Hawk Whitt were among this year’s competitors. The contestants had the crowd cheering, screaming and shouting as if everyone was at the Sunday NFR finals. By the time we actually hit the finals Saturday, it was deafening. You’d almost think Wyoming had missed their rodeos….

Photos by Eric and Karie Salveggio of E Bar K Photography

The Indian Relay championship races always bring their own flair of excitement. Their superb horsemanship, amazing feats of agility and the inevitable wrecks and craziness had the crowd stomping their feet and yelling for their favorites. Wednesday night’s photo finish for the final heat with Joey Gutierrez, Earl DuBray and Sylvan Brown going all out was a precursor for the finals Saturday. Championship Saturday came around with the tension of both horses and riders seen and felt. With the sound of the starting pistol on the final heat to determine the championship, the dust settled on Tyler Peasley’s Omack Express representing the Colville Indian Nation from Washington, and the Reserve Champion spot going to Charges Strong Relay led by Darren Charges Strong, Jr. representing the Crow Indian Nation from Montana.

Madison MacDonald, Trick Rider
Mikkayla DeBolt, Miss Wyoming 2021

For extra entertainment, Canada sent some of their finest trick riders in Madison MacDonald, Piper Yule and Shelby Pierson. While all demonstrated amazing horsemanship and riding skills, Piper is 12, and was performing many of the same stunts!

But the biggest part of the Wyo Rodeo was the people. From babies to Miss Mary, who at 95 hasn’t missed the Sheridan Wyo rodeo for 50 years, everyone was thrilled to be out and about, and able to see one of the state’s greatest sports. July 2021 was truly a great month.

Happy Birthday America, and a huge shout out to all who helped us all ‘ Get Wyo’d’!

Story and Photos by Eric and Karie Salveggio of E Bar K Photography

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