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20 Most Interesting Wyoming Artists to Follow On Instagram


Wyoming is a state that has lush landscapes that have been known to engage the creative spark in many an artist. There are so many parts of the great state that highlight untouched wildernesses, pristine farmlands, and verdant forests. Social Media has become a home for many forms of popular art, and in particular, the image sharing social application, Instagram, has become a fertile ground for many an artist to display the intricacies of their art. Here is a list of the 20 most interesting Wyoming artists, in no particular order, to follow on this Social Media platform.

1. Kelsey R. McDonnell – @wyomingcreative

The first of many painters on our list of Wyoming creatives, Kelsey McDonnell utilizes oils to express her creative spark. If you are interested in a very feminine-centric style of art, Kelsey thoroughly explores it in her paintings that feature women and trees. In this series of creations, Kelsey takes the viewer through a stylized exploration of Kelsey’s own experiences as a woman. When viewing the paintings in this series, observers witness a world where woman and tree kind are connected; where the subject has the feet of a woman, but the branches of a tree. Some of Kelsey’s art can be found on Instagram @wyomingcreative.


2. Wygypsy – @wygypsy

A self proclaimed fiber artist, Wygypsy uses the soft material felt as her chief medium. She uses this fabric-based medium to tell stories that range from the fantastical like in her piece, “The Accidental Dragon”, to the mystical like in her three dimensional creation, “The Guide”. All of her pieces feature hundreds of unique color combinations that highlight the heights of her aesthetic repertoire. For more on her art, check out her out on Instagram @wygypsy.


3. Bri Martin – @martinbri

Another tradition painter, Bri Martin works with a more abstract, color rich style of painting. Colors are rich with cool and warm tones throughout each painstakingly created image. Many times she uses text to convey a message and add another dimension to her art; other times she uses pictography to send the user on an artistic journey. Invariably, the viewer is left with an enriching experience. For more on Bri’s Art, here is her Instagram page: @martinbri


4. Robert Bryans – @yeti307

Robert Bryans’ art exists in more than one medium. Drawing, painting, and digital art creation are all means in which he conveys an artistic message. His lines on his drawings are well-defined, his strokes on his paintings are rich, and the digital work he’s done all have a startling symmetry. One of the more interesting pieces that he has on his Instagram page is “Self Portrait” the lines are done via ballpoint pen and the coloration and effects are all created digitally. @yeti307 is Robert’s Instagram page.


 5. Shane Bryant – @warandmemoryart

Bygone, tumultuous eras are the primary focus of Shane Bryant’s art. Featuring pieces that are done in both ink and oils, there is definitely a sense of history in the art he presents on his Instagram account. Seemingly, his artistic proclivities tend towards the turn of the 20th century, with images that oftentimes feature the warriors of that age. He even has one piece that features two dead combatants after an unfortunate gas attack. For a stroll through his artistic world, here’s his Instagram: @warandmemoryart.


6. Casey Hanson – @caseyphotog44

Casey Hanson, as the first artist on our list utilizes the medium of photography. She enjoys the feeling that is present at live concerts and takes interest in catching the energy of a band that is literally pouring their soul into their work. She also has a plethora of pictures which highlight the elements such as water and sky. Finally, you can expect to experience some still life in her artwork, in this type of art she enjoys presenting images in stark monochrome. You can find Casey on Instagram @caseyphotog44.


7. Jeremy Settelmeyer – @setis_ceramics

Jeremy Settelmeyer is a ceramic artist from Gillette, Wyoming. He has many great ceramic vessels on his new instagram page and from what we here many more are coming soon. He has been on instagram for a few weeks and already has many followers and his gallery is a very respectable exhibit of his work.



8. Lynne Bryant – @lynnehurdbryant

Lynne Hurd Bryant’s mastery of water colors is so practiced that they appear to be reminiscent of oils. Starkly opposed colors and bright vistas are a mainstay of the art that she’s made available on Instagram and each piece perfectly captures the interplay of natural lighting on each painting’s subjects. A repeated subject of Lynne’s paintings is the dragonfly and each image of this often many-colored insect captures perfectly the creature’s elegance and mystery. There are several of Lynne’s paintings available on Instagram @lynnehurdbryant.


9. Bobbie Hando-Baker – @wyobobbs

Bobbie Hando Baker, like Lynne Hurd Bryant utilizes watercolors for much of her art. She also does ink and paper drawings and has a collection of beautifully painted and unpainted stones for sale as well. Her drawings evoke various layers of swirls and straight lines, while her watercolored work catches as many of the shades of natural color that appear in her subjects as is humanly possible. The result is mountains that shine purple at the dusk and humming birds that shine an almost bioluminescent blue. For more of her art, check out @wyobobbs.


10. David Klaren – @mystery_print_gallery

David Klaren is both an all around artist and a representative of the Contemporary Art Gallery in western Wyoming. Not only does he present his art on his Instagram page, but he also intersperses images from other artists that inspire him. He specializes in sculpture, painting, mural creation, and is even a furniture maker. His own art that he’s made available on Instagram fits well with the art that he presents from his contemporaries. Some feature sea animals that have been painted in bright neon shades on aquatic backgrounds. David’s Instagram is a great place to get a feel of the overall art scene; you can check it out @mystery_print_gallery.


11. Mariah Nystrom – @mariahnystrom

The evocation of science into art is the calling card of Mariah Nystrom. Her paintings showcase such revolutionary concepts as displaying the beauty of deadly diseases such as MRSA, HIV, and even mouth cancer. Perhaps even more provocative is her series of drawing which transpose the nude female form onto settings such as the cosmos or a mountain range. Mrs. Nystrom knows how to evoke beauty in every setting. For more of her art @mariahnystrom.


12. Ben Roth – @rothinator

Another jack-of-all-trades, Ben Roth works in furniture design, sculpture, 2D artwork, and public art installations. His sculpture mediums include metals and fired clay. Some of his more interesting pieces are entirely composed of silverware, including one bird yurt that is entirely comprised of spoon handles. Another gorgeous piece is a depiction of the female form made using a steel mesh. Follow him on Instagram @rothinator.


13. Bryan Cordova – @bjcsculptor81

Bryan Cordova is a Wyoming sculptor who has successfully provided sculptured art for the Wyoming Mining Association. His piece “Shift Change” really encompasses the world of trona mining, a practice that happens in Sweetwater, the trona capital of the world. Bryan tends to work in bronze and his art sometimes represents such viscerally differing worlds as the life of the hunter or the life of the tradesman. Check out his art and follow him @bjcsculptor81.


14. Matt Flint – @mattflintart

Startlingly realistic depictions of animal life, nature, and rural surroundings are the specialty of Wyoming artist Matt Flint. His art is created via mixed media and the style that he conveys has an everlasting look to it. All of his work is incredibly intricate yet soft to behold. Dogs, horses, wolves, and birds are often the subject of Matt Flint’s compositions and he takes great pains to draw the eye to the subject of each painting by adding an unfocused blur to the background. Follow Matt Flint on Instagram @mattflintart.


15. Isabel Rucker – @isabeljewelry

Jade is the official gemstone of Wyoming as it is found in great quantities in the mountains between Lander and Casper. Isabel Rucker has made the gemstone her medium and with the help of her husband utilizes it to create absolutely stunning jewelry. She also uses recycled metals to create the setting for her works of jade art. Each piece is individual and is a stunning piece of wearable art. Follow Isabel on Instagram @isabeljewelry.


16. Amy Ringholz – @ringholzstudios

Wyoming is the home to many a majestic beast, and local Wyoming artist Amy Ringholz loves to include them in her art. Bears, wolves, horses, and owls are constantly and faithfully represented in much of her art. Amy works in a combination of inks, oils, and acrylics and her art is uniformly stunning. Compositions appear on a plethora of canvases, from wood to simple cloth. Amy has a great Instagram page with thousands of followers, follow her @ringholzstudios.


17. Jenny Dowd – @dowdjenny

Another impressive Wyoming sculptor, Jenny Dowd focuses on adding vivacious life to mundane items. Her art ranges from sculptures of furniture to items entirely comprised of teeth. One such piece depicts a lounge chair, ottoman, and floor lamp that are entirely covered in molars. This unique aesthetic is present in the art installation that bears her work. Jenny is also responsible for several pieces of hand-made pottery a sculpting pursuit that she shares with her husband, Sam. Follow Jenny @dowdjenny on Instagram.


18. Mike Karr – @bleedingskullart

Mike Karr draws, paints, and takes photos. His images use many different subjects that range from natural inspirations to characters from pop culture. One of his most impressive pieces is a watercolor and inked rendition of Clint Eastwood’s “Man with No Name” from the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. All of his work displays adept proficiency with color and superlative line art. Defying labeling, Mike has been responsible for abstract pieces, landscape, and even illustrates comics. Follow Mike Karr’s Instagram @bleedingskullart.


19. Katy Ann Fox – @katyannfox

A Jackson Hole resident, Katy Ann Fox uses oils as a medium to create beautiful representations of the people, the places, and the vistas of her immediate surroundings. She sharply blends the paint on her canvas to present angled roofs, protruding mountain ranges, and angular windows. Even with all these angles, Katy is not afraid to create the stylized softness that portraits of people and animals require. Her Instagram even showcases some of her clay sculpture work. Check it out and follow here @katyannfox.


20. Diana Andersen – @dianaandersenphotography

Capturing the beauty that is inherent in the late stages of pregnancy and the important early stages of childhood development is the stock and trade of Wyoming artist Diane Anderson. A maternity, newborn, and milestone photographer Diane has mastered the art of capturing a little bit of the magic that is present in expecting mothers and babies. Her compositions utilize color prints that balance warm and cool colors deftly as well as black and white photos that draw almost exclusive attention to the beauty of its subjects. You can follow Diane on Instagram @dianaandersenphotography.


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