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Most Fun Places To Take Your Kids This Summer In Wyoming


Most Fun Places To Take Your Kids This Summer In Wyoming

Wyoming is a vast and wondrous state. There is so much to do and see whether you are looking for a family adventure or are happier to take in the expansive views of beauty and wildlife. Children will have no shortage of things to do to keep them busy in one of America’s most engaging areas.

Come Explore Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park was the first national park of the United States. This park has something for everyone. Visitors can enjoy many outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, bicycling, camping, fishing, horseback riding, llama packing and wildlife viewing. In the winter visitors can also try snowmobiling, snow coaches, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Yellowstone is also home to one of the most famous cone geysers in the world: Old Faithful. Children will most definitely enjoy watching the eruption which can reach heights up to 185 feet in the air!

Don’t Miss Devils Tower

Devils Tower was the first national monument of the United States. Rising dramatically out of the landscape, it is a sight to behold. It stands 5,114 feet above sea level. People can come explore the area using the numerous hiking trails around and through the monument. There are forests and meadows to be explored in and around the monument as well. For the more adventurous explorer, Devils Tower can also be traversed by rock climbing.

A Day Of History At The Vore Buffalo Jump

If you are looking to add a little history to your Wyoming adventure, you should take the kids to the Vore Buffalo Jump. This site is home to a natural sink hole, that is approximately 40 feet deep and 200 feet wide. Long ago it was used by Native Americans to trap bison. Children will learn the history behind what the Native Americans used the bison for and how their culture was influenced by the great beast. Tour guides are on hand to answer any questions and teach everyone about the wonders of this historic site.

Jump Back In Time

If your kids are into Prehistoric times, visiting the Wyoming Dinosaur Center is a must. The museum is home to over one hundred displays of dinosaurs, including 30 mounted skeletons. There is a walking tour that allows you to view history from the beginning until the evolution of dinosaurs. If your kids want to try their hand at becoming an archaeologist, they can participate in an actual dig for dinosaur bones. This day long excursion includes transportation to and from the dig site and a bagged lunch. Any fossils found while digging will be kept at the center for all to see and enjoy. Your name will also be added to the bone registry where all the fossils founds are recorded!

See What’s Living Now

If checking out living wildlife is more appealing to the children, Ecotour Adventures can provide your animal fix. Make sure to have your camera handy as you are loaded up in a four wheel drive vehicle with a knowledgeable tour guide to see animals in their natural habitat through Grand Teton National Park. You will learn about animal behavior, the cultural history and geology of the area as you look to spot moose, elk, bears, eagles, deer, wolves, swan and many more. You can book half day or full day excursions. Sunrise and sunset tours are also available.

Take A Dip

Hot Springs State Park is the perfect way to spend the day if you are looking to soak in healing waters. The hot spring water is constantly flowing and is naturally heated to 135 degrees. The park has used this water to make swimming pools at a comfortable 104 degree bathing temperature. There are a few pools to choose from, some equipped with slides and a diving board for family fun. After the swimming is done, the kids will enjoy walking over the swinging suspension bridge. You can also walk a trail to spot the wild buffalo!

All Aboard!

Train lovers of any age must come and see the Big Boy Steam Engine number 4004, on display in Holliday Park. This is the largest coal-fired train ever built. There were 25 Big Boys built in history and this is one of only eight left on display in all of America. Train enthusiasts will marvel at its size which is 132 feet long, 11 feet wide and over 16 feet high. Children and adults alike will enjoy a fun day with this classic Big Boy.

Whether you and your children are looking for a day to spot the wild buffalo, learn about dinosaurs, swim in mineral springs, learn Native American history, rock climb a national monument or visit a classic train, Wyoming is your place to be for this and so much more. Come see all that Wyoming has to offer. There is something for everyone!

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