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10 Bars With the Cheapest Beer in Wyoming


10 Bars With the Cheapest Beer in Wyoming

Wyoming may be full of amazing sights and activities, but sooner or later you’re going to want to find some refreshment at the end of the trail. And because you naturally would prefer to save your money for the actual adventures, rather than the reward at the end, there’s no shame in finding the best value you can. Fine, interesting, expensive dining is easy to find here.

So what about the cheap stuff?

This list is all about the best, least-expensive bars for you to cap off grand and lazy Wyoming adventures alike.

1. Elmer Lovejoy’s Bar & Grill

Location: 101 E Grand Ave, Laramie, WY

In no particular order, the first choice is perfect for anyone looking to add a hearty meal to their boozy refreshment. Thankfully, Elmer Lovejoy’s delivers excellent value for each. Meals are simple, inexpensive, and well-received by tourists and locals alike. “Bar Food” doesn’t need to be a curse, and Lovejoy’s is a great reminder that simple food done well never fails to satisfy. With frequent specials on drinks including micro brews, and a range of specials on food, the only problem you might find there is a crowd.

2. Front Street Tavern

Location: 213 S 1st St, Laramie, WY

If you check the reviews for the Front Street Tavern online, you will see many mentions of the word “hipster.” Yet in this case, the term is not derogative. What you get are a staff of helpful, friendly, knowledgeable bartenders making expert drinks….that are reasonably priced. Your best value may be their selection of inexpensive specialty drinks, but the beer selection is equally robust. And if service is important, Front Street is built and trained to handle crowds in a fast and friendly manner.

3. Stagecoach Bar

Location: 5755 W Hwy. 22, Wilson, WY

Now we’re getting into it. The Stagecoach Bar is very much the definition of a “dive.” And it’s a banner they wear proudly, while elevating the experience to something special. In an area full of skiing, hiking, snowmobiling and the like, the Stagecoach finds itself host to everyone from CEO’s to regular Joes. Cheap drinks, cheap food, and themed specials are what you’d expect from a dive, and the Stagecoach delivers with an atmosphere that’s as friendly and uncomplicated as you could want.

4. Wyoming’s Rib & Chop House

Location: 400 W Lincolnway, Cheyenne, WY

If you find yourself in the state capital, you might have a hard time deciding between upscale and dive. The Rib & Chop House fits nicely in between. With reasonably-priced food, and a decidedly more robust menu than the average bar offers, you’ll be able to replace your usual burger with some Ahi tuna. While the Chop does offer dining room seating, the floor plan favors the bar area. With experienced staff and constantly cycling drink specials, grabbing a bite and a drink will give you an upscale experience without the cost or pretense.

5. T-Joe’s Steakhouse And Saloon

Location: 12700 E I-80, Cheyenne, WY

As far as food combinations go, it’s hard to beat the pairing of beer and steak. There’s just something about a perfectly-charred, juicy steak that turns even the stankiest beer into a magical elixir. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your beer at T-Joe’s. They’ve got the usual range of drink options at reasonable prices. Truly though, if you got T-Joe’s, it’s to grab one of their famous steaks or chops. With a kitchen churning out immaculately-prepared steaks in a bar atmosphere, if you’re looking for the full midwestern experience, it’s hard to go wrong here.

6. Bin22

Location: 200 Broadway Jackson, WY

This one may be a bit of a stretch given the title of this list, but every member of your party might not be as enthusiastic about beer and steak as the last entry demands. However, finding a “classier” option doesn’t need to carry a high price tag. Bin22 specializes in a diverse menu of light vegetarian options and unconventional bar cuisine. Instead of cheese sticks, you’ll find a house pulled mozzarella and a goat cheese platter. Instead of steak and chops, you’ll find duck and octopus. But really, if you go, it should be with someone who enjoys a huge selection of wines. Their wine bar has hundreds of options that can be appreciated by most any budget. And with a delicious menu of unusual desserts like “Chocolate Salami,” you’ll find yourself with plenty of options for soaking up all the alcohol you’re going to be consuming.

7. Altitude Chophouse and Brewery

Location: 320 South 2nd Street, Laramie, WY

Altitude is an award-winning brewery and cutomer-winning chophouse. The food can be hit or miss, but the selection and price of their beers should leave you too relaxed to worry too much about the food menu. Altitude’s massive selection of reasonably-priced brews, IPA’s, stouts and lagers will keep you busy sampling long before you wallet starts to sting.

8. The Rose

Location: 50 W Broadway, Jackson, WY

Maybe you prefer cocktails, or maybe your plans require a classy sort of vibe at a decent price. If you want a solid selection of beers and a wide selection of specialty cocktails, The Rose has you covered. Their menu is purposefully light and pairs beautifully with their range of signature drinks. Cocktails will always drive your costs up, so it’s nice that their food and beer menu keeps things balanced out. Just like T-Joe’s, The Rose won’t be for everyone. But the refined variety on offer should appeal to anyone.

9. The Library Sports Grille & Brewery

Location: 201 E. Custer St, Laramie, WY

Here we go. An American sports bar with Asian influences. Huge portions of flavorful, satisfying dishes, delivered by friendly and experienced staff. You’ll find all the standard bar offerings on the menu, with spicy twists and tweaks that will make you happy for their robust selection of delicious, cheap beers. This is a relaxed, warm sort of establishment, and you can see their commitment to service in just how busy the place is.

10. Sidewinders Smokehouse & Tavern

Location: 945 W Broadway Jackson, WY

A favorite stop by fans of Food Network’s travel shows, this bar serves a pretzel shaped like a snake. 1Let me repeat that: It’s a pretzel. Looks like a snake. If you’ve found yourself around Jackson, Wyoming as a tourist…and you *don’t* stop by the bar serving pretzels shaped like snakes, you may as well not have gone to Wyoming in the first place. But seriously, they have a great selection of cheap beers to enjoy, and a cozy little atmosphere. The menu doesn’t exactly elevate itself above the standard bar fair, so the healthy selection of delicious brews helps it stand out.

You know what else makes it stand out? They serve pretzels. Shaped like snakes.

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