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10 Reasons Why We Love Laramie Wyoming


10 Reasons Why We Love Laramie Wyoming

You may have only heard of Laramie Wyoming when watching television shows or movies about cowboys, but this city has a lot to offer to its residents and visitors. There are 10 fantastic reasons why we love this city, and after learning more, you will want to visit or live here.

1. This City Has a Low Population

If you are seeking a friendly and small town to live in, then Laramie is perfect because it has less than 40,000 residents. With a low population, you can get to know your neighbors who have often lived there their entire lifetimes. Instead of not having help when you need it for difficult situations such as a vehicle breakdown, there is someone nearby who is willing to help you. Because it is such a small town, you can feel safe walking around outside without worrying about an assault or robbery.

2. You can enjoy the Local History

Laramie has a lot of history because it was settled during the 1800s by pioneers who traveled west to find land for cattle ranching. This city became popular in the late 1860s because it was part of a stage route and railway line, making it an easier place to visit and settle. Railroads were an integral part of the city’s beginnings, providing jobs for local residents. If you enjoy learning about the history of stagecoaches and railroads, then this is a fantastic place for you to live.

3. This is a Healthy City to Live In

While large cities might have pollution that causes health problem, Laramie was the first city in the state to prohibit cigarette smoking in public places and work environments. Not only is the air fresh inside the majority of buildings, but also, the outside environment is clean because it is a smaller city located in a rural area. It is possible to go outside for a bicycle ride, long walk or skateboarding without worrying about the dangers of pollution from factory smokestacks.

4. Fun Events for the Entire Family

Laramie Wyoming is famous for its annual festival that takes place at the beginning of July. This citywide event was created to celebrate the state’s admission to the United States, and you can enjoy activities over the Fourth of July and through July 10. Tourists visit from around the state to learn about the state’s history and see fireworks. There are additional activities such as rodeos, carnival rides and live musical performances. Jubilee Days is one of the major reasons that we love this city.

5. There are Numerous Sports Activities

This is an area of the state where residents can participate in numerous sport activities in both cold and hot temperatures. From late spring to late autumn, it is possible to go hiking, hunting or horseback riding in nearby wilderness areas that take only a few minutes to travel to with a vehicle. Mountains are located in the area, making it easy to learn about rock climbing in the summer or skiing in the winter. There are also several lakes and a river right outside the city where you can fish for trout.

6. Fantastic Schools for Your Children

If you have children, then their education is vitally important, and this city has fantastic schools. The Albany County School District is in charge of the public education in the area, including supervising schools designed for elementary, middle and high school students. It is also possible to send your children to a charter, Catholic or university-sponsored school instead of a public institution. With only approximately 3,500 students in the area, your child is likely to receive individualized attention in a smaller classroom environment.

7. Sightseeing at National Register of Historic Places

When you want to go sightseeing on the weekends, there are over 20 National Register of Historic Places to choose from, including:

• St. Matthews Cathedral Close – the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming
• William Goodale House – on the University of Wyoming campus
• Cooper Mansion – former home of a British aristocrat
• John D. Conley House – a Victorian-style home
• Bath Brothers Ranch – one of the first ranches in the area
• Downtown Laramie Historic District – stores and old buildings
• Wyoming Territorial Prison – built in the 1870s to hold prisoners

8. University of Wyoming and Other Adult Educational Institutions

The main campus of the University of Wyoming is located in Laramie, and each year approximately 13,000 students enroll in classes to earn a degree in law, nursing or education. Adult students can also register at WyoTech to learn about automotive-related careers. In addition, Laramie County Community Colleges provides an assortment of educational opportunities as well.

9. The Beautiful Laramie River 

If you have always wanted to live near a beautiful river, then Laramie Wyoming has a large tributary of the North Platte River. Laramie River travels past Woods Landing and the Medicine Bow Mountains. It provides a variety of recreational activities such as canoeing or water skiing along with fishing for catfish, walleye and trout. Both children and adults will enjoy having a river nearby to participate in an assortment of fun events.

10. A Low Cost of Living for Residents

When you are trying to save money on essentials such as housing and food, then it is time to move to this city. In addition to affordable homes and apartments, you can attend the local college at a tuition rate that is one of the lowest in the United States. Because this is a rural area with cattle ranches and farmland, you can find vegetables, fruit and beef at budget prices.

A Great City to Visit or Live

You now know 10 great reasons to live in or visit this city located in the state of Wyoming where it is possible to get to know neighbors and live cheaply. Take time to schedule a vacation or learn more about this area today.

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