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10 Best Restaurants to Get Breakfast in Wyoming


10 Best Restaurants to Get Breakfast in Wyoming

Wyoming is filled with beautiful places to eat. If you’re looking for a great place to eat in the area, there are more than enough locations to enjoy some great food. During the morning hours, a good breakfast can help set you up for the day. Try these 10 well respected and highly reviewed restaurants, which offer only the most spectacular breakfasts. Some of these are known for their award winning food and others are still fairly hidden in Wyoming. Visiting these restaurants in Wyoming in the morning is definitely worth it. They can allow for you to grow.

What’s So Great About The Restaurants In Wyoming?

First of all, the restaurants here are not only well maintained and provide great food, but they also offer a wide variety of options available. Whether you want to go for a more modern feel with a luxurious twist or a diner type of restaurant similar to a tiny cafe, everything is available and can be found through this wonderful restaurant. These 10 great choices can get your taste buds ready for the day ahead. All of them offer wonderful breakfast options and menus to help go your day started on the right path.

R&B Breakfast Club

This unique breakfast restaurant delivers a top of the line variety of foods for breakfast lovers, located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. With an Elvis Presley theme, this unique place is known for being called the, “Home of the Breakfast Burritos.” With an 60’s to 70’s type of theme, it is almost like you are being brought back to that time. The R&B Breakfast Club is definitely interesting because of the fun memorabilia of Elvis throughout the restaurant. If you want to enjoy your time with a good breakfast, this is the place to visit. Their Elvis theme is going to impress any lover of this man. They love to bring the good ole’ days back with a bang when you enter this unique place.

Bubba’s Bar-B-Que Restaurant

Known for their outstanding BBQ products, you will find that this place offers a full-fledged breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Bubba’s is one of Jackson, Wyoming’s favorite places to eat. They stand out as one of the best in the area because of their incredible wait staff, amazing menu, and an overall well rounded atmosphere in the restaurant. They have received more than 1,800+ highly rated reviews on TripAdvisor, proving that both locals and tourists use this restaurant to enjoy some quality food. Their BBQ tastes delicious and delivers a top quality taste that you won’t soon forget. Just a quick look at their reviews online and you’ll notice how famous their foods are.

Cafe Genevieve

Also in Jackson Wyoming is, The Cafe Genevieve restaurant that provides beautiful breakfast food options. With a beautiful welcoming ambiance and top notch food, they have received numerous awards for their service. They continue to receive Awards for Excellence by TripAdvisor. They serve breakfast food options up until 3 p.m. allowing for guests to enjoy their famous morning dishes later in the afternoon. With a Southern-influenced menu, they have a variety of options available for you to enjoy. Despite it being called a “cafe,” they provide only the most beautiful foods and a nice atmosphere that you will truly love early in the morning.

Nora’s Fish Creek Inn

This beautiful location in a historic log cabin in Wilson, Wyoming can allow for skiers and riders alike to enjoy breakfast so beautifully. They can provide fresh vegetables, roast tomatoes, salads, and a wide variety of breakfast options. Known for being a breakfast place for the locals, many people from outside of Wyoming love visiting this specific restaurant. Providing a great atmosphere, their breakfast fans just love their Banana French Toast in a beautiful western style. Their western approach to some of their foods is always beloved by their fans.

The Busy Bee Cafe

This beautiful little cafe can provide you a wonderful breakfast in Buffalo, Wyoming. As a very local restaurant in Wyoming, they provide good food and great service. Their coffee is known for being quite delicious. You will surely enjoy their Longmire’s Breakfast and their Longmire’s Usual’s. With a very personal feel, you will love how cozy the entire place can be for you. Despite it being a bit small, it’s a great little cafe to get you energized before you head off to work or visit the local sights nearby.

Rocky Mountain Mojoe

This nice little cafe is known for being a nice place to eat early in the morning in Cody, Wyoming. With a friendly staff and different food choices, you will enjoy breakfast at this place. They have everything ranging from burritos, to nice oatmeal plates, and even berry smoothies to help finish off your meal. Rocky Mountain Mojoe is unique for all sorts of reasons because of their simple approach and beautiful tasting food. Their famous light hashed browns are quite famous and definitely are well respected by many people. The Rocky Mountain Mojoe is highly respected and definitely deserves the success they have gained over the years doing what they do best.

Our Place

This nice little cafe can give you the chance to enjoy the simple diner atmosphere with a top of the line food selection on the menu in Cody, Wyoming. If you want some nice hamburgers and you want to enjoy your breakfast, they have a great variety in their breakfast menu. Their memorabilia across the entire diner helps provide a great historical feel, especially since the area in itself is quite historical as well. With great bargains on their breakfast options like pancakes and other foods, you will surely enjoy this small little cafe. They just love to over deliver with their food options, and visiting here during your trip will be worth it.

The Lodge at Jackson Hole

This beautiful lodge is known for their beautiful rooms and accommodations. Their overall beautiful approach to business and crafting stunning rooms can help provide you with a truly great experience. The Lodge at Jackson Hole has a wonderful breakfast that you will enjoy if you plan on staying at this specific hotel. They do have openings for guest travelers for their breakfasts, but rates do apply. This nice little place can be just what you need if you want to enjoy quality food at the best prices possible. This hotel has received not only great reviews for their rooms but also for their breakfasts available to guests staying at the resort.

Peters Cafe and Bakery

This nice little bakery is definitely one of the best places to be also located in Cody, Wyoming. They can help provide a wide variety of food choices. One of their most famous products is the homemade huckleberry ice cream that they offer, and it is known being quite delicious. With such a stunning taste, it can provide you with something to remember when you leave town. Their breakfasts are always filled with top of the line options. Despite being slightly smaller and a bit hipster with the way that they approach their business, you will find that Peters Cafe and Bakery have a variety of food options available. Their bakery can give you a nice treat you will definitely love. There are several things you could find in the bakery ranging from cookies to bread.

Spur Restaurant & Bar

The Spur Restaurant & Bar is known for providing users with only the most efficient and great tasting foods on the market located in Teton Village, Wyoming. With a very luxurious feel to their restaurant, you can head down here for breakfast and enjoy their beautiful food options. This brand has received many great reviews because of their attention to wait staff being friendly and respectful. They work hard to make sure their waiters are friendly and professional. Their modern approach to design is very well respected because of the great ambulance it provides. With a very cozy feel, it’s no doubt that this restaurant and bar can be a good place to eat breakfast.

There are so many beautiful restaurants in Wyoming that you will truly enjoy visiting. The key is to look carefully for the right breakfast spot. Whether you are looking to travel down here and you need a good breakfast or you’re a local wanting to know more about the different breakfast options, use the list above as your source for finding a wide variety of great tasting foods you will enjoy.

Wyoming is filled with a variety of options in their restaurant lineup. Different cities and towns offer something unique, and the choices above are just the tip of the iceberg. The huge number of bed and breakfast hotels can prove that Wyoming is very big on breakfast diners and restaurants. Just one of the above locations can give you the food you need to start your day off right. The beautiful history to be learned and experienced in this place is amazing, and this is why countless restaurants strive to come up with new ways to deliver a taste of that history into their food. You definitely will have plenty of fun in the long run when you decide to visit any of the above locations.

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  1. Sean

    February 9, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    I would also highly recommend the Silver Spur Cafe on Main Street in Sheridan. Old fashioned lunch counter cafe with GREAT breakfast.

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