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10 Reasons Why We Love Casper Wyoming


10 Reasons Why We Love Casper Wyoming

Why is Casper consistently ranked one of the best small cities in the United States? There is so much to love about this city that it is quickly becoming a destination for people seeking both vacations and permanent homes. Here are the ten top reasons we love Casper Wyoming.

One: Wild West History

Casper was once a stop along the Oregon and California trails, as it was the easiest place to ferry across the North Platte River. Fort Caspar was built to help pioneers along the way, and the city soon sprung up nearby. Casper may no longer be a boomtown, but it hasn’t lost its cowboy flair. You can visit museums educating the public about the realities of 19th century western life such as National Historic Trails Interpretive Center and Fort Caspar Museum. If you would like to immerse yourself in the life of our pioneers, consider taking a day tour with Historic Trails West. There are also many cowboy themed events and activities for people who want to experience a slice of American history.

Two: Water Sports

The North Platte River is not the only major body of water in the area; there are also multiple lakes and reservoirs. Water activities are among the most popular reasons to love Casper. Whether you enjoy boating, kayaking, white water rafting, or any kind of freshwater fishing, you will find plenty of things to do in Casper Wyoming. There are multiple sporting stores where you can buy or rent equipment as well as several reputable tour companies that will guide you to the best spots.

Three: Family Friendly Atmosphere

It’s no wonder¬†Forbes¬†and other major publications have ranked Casper, Wyoming one of the most family friendly cities in the United States. The most common reasons cites include low cost of living, low crime rate, a huge amount of low cost or free activities, and general family atmosphere. While singles and childfree couples will also enjoy the high quality of life enjoyed here, Casper really shines for families seeking a place to put down roots.

Four: Platte River Parkway

This chain of parks and activity centers following the North Platte River deserves a mention of its own on any list of things to do in Casper. There are several beautiful parks as well as a scenic river trail connecting them. Many public and private events are held here due to the convenient location and natural beauty. If you are interested in running, the trail is a popular place for both a casual run and also running events such as half marathons.

Five: Four Distinct Seasons

Many areas do not have the four distinct seasons that Casper residents take for granted. Visitors will enjoy a snowy winter, a lush green spring, a warm and sunny summer, and a fall full of beautiful color. Casper is a great place to get out and enjoy nature in any season.

Six: Hiking

Situated in a river valley at the base of a mountain range, Casper offers a variety of terrain and difficulty levels for hikers. Whether you want to go backpacking for several days or simply see nature for a few hours, there are many options. Strap on your hiking books and check out Bridle Trail, Garden Creek Falls, Guernsey State Park, or the Oregon Trail Ruts National Historic Landmark. These are just the tip of the iceberg; there are so many places to see and hike in Casper that we would need a novel to even begin.

Seven: Hell’s Half Acre

If you are not interested in geology, that just might change after a day trip to Hell’s Half Acre. This recreational area allows you to hike amidst some of the most unique rock formations in the world. Once the set of legendary movie Starship Troopers, this area is best enjoyed in the evening, when the colors of the setting sun combined with deep shadows paint the rocks a variety of colorful hues.

Eight: Golfing

If you have never golfed in the wild beauty of Casper Wyoming, you are missing out! Three Crowns Golf Club is just one of many choices. Three Crowns is popular for its scenic views (you can see the mountain range and the city both from some greens!) as well as a luxurious restaurant allowing you to relax between rounds.

Nine: Fossils

Few people realize that Wyoming has been the site of some of the most exciting paleontological finds in the last few decades. There is no better place to experience the creatures of America’s distant past than Tate Geological Museum. Plan to spend all day here looking at the bones of creatures big and small, including the complete skeleton of the largest Columbian mammoth in North America.

Ten: Skiing

Located at the base of the Laramie Mountains, Casper is home to one of the most exciting ski areas in the West. Hogadon Ski Resort is just 20 minutes from the city and has runs for all skill levels. In addition, because few people know about the fantastic skiing in Casper, there are only rarely lines and never crowding. Come enjoy the powder and amenities of a major ski resort without the hordes.

There are so many reasons to love Casper, Wyoming that it is hard to choose just ten. People who visit Casper tend to return, sometimes even permanently, due to all that this area has to offer.

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