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Best Terrain Riding Spots in Wyoming


Best Terrain Riding Spots in Wyoming

Encompassing more than 97,000 square miles of land, Wyoming is a state known for its vast plains and prime riding spots. It’s not surprising that there are many ideal locations for both avid riders and occasional outdoor enthusiasts just discovering the joys of riding to enjoy throughout the state. Once you discover some of the best terrain riding spots in Wyoming, your only problem will be deciding where to get started.

Upper Geyser Basin: The Boardwalks at Old Faithful

Location: Yellowstone National Park, WY

A spot often preferred by ice climbers and mountain bikers, this 4.6 mile loop trail can be found near Yellowstone National Park. Accessible from May through October, it’s noted for having an assortment of terrains ideal for different skill levels.

Blacktail ATV Trails

Location: Sundance, WY

With over 20 miles of trails, ATV riders are sure to appreciate the terrain found here. Found in the Black Hills National Forest, these trails present fun challenges while offering breathtaking views. Accessibility is determined by area weather, although the trails generally open to the public sometime in May. You’ll also find approximately 4 miles of mountain bike and hiking trails here.

Horsetail Creek Trail

Location: Kelly, WY

Home to 10 miles of single-track trails, Horsetail Creek Trail is best for experienced riders due to the steep elevations and narrow switchbacks found here. Riders will be treated to views of spacious meadows and picturesque canyons while enjoying the challenging terrain. Motorcycles are permitted here from July through mid-September.

Killpecker Sand Dunes

Location: Rock Springs, WY

Considered the second largest active sand dune in the world, Killpecker Sand Dunes is a paradise for riders. Consisting of all sand, the dune is great for air jumps and other tricks common among experienced terrain navigators. Don’t forget your sand tires or paddle tires while riding here.

Munger Mountain Trail System

Location: Hoback, WY

Parts of the 17-miles of single-track trail loops found here are easily navigable by newer riders while other areas present much-appreciated challenges for more experienced riders. Dirt bikes are permitted here from the beginning of July through mid-September due to the weather conditions common in the region.

Curt Gowdy State Park

Location: Cheyenne, WY

Fairly new the area, the 30 miles of loop trails here were created with input from the International Mountain Biking Association. The interconnecting trails are designed for all skill ranges, with the Crystal Ridge trail leading to the Crystal Lake Reservoir being better suited for beginners. The rocky terrain here provides the technical challenges experienced riders crave.

Continental Divide Mountain Biking Trail

Location: Pinedale, WY

This 3,000-mile trail extends from parts of Canada through New Mexico. The section of the trail in Wyoming alone is considered one of the state’s best adventure trails. While riding here, you’ll make your way through majestic mountains and the gorgeous Green River Valley. Be cautious when riding since large sections of the trail go through untamed wilderness areas.

Murphy Squaw ATV Trail

Location: Alpine, WY

Limited to machines less than 50 inches, this trail is typically available for use from July through September. Snowmobiles are permitted during the winter months. Accessible from convenient points not far from local parking areas near the Greys River Bridge, this trail is known for its scenic mountain views.

Lunatic Fringe

Location: Green River, WY

While only 4 miles long, this trail lives up to its name. Not for novice riders, Lunatic Fringe is often described as being akin to a thrilling roller coaster ride due to its winding terrain and fast hills. Nearby Green River Bike Park also includes some trails worth exploring.

Casper Mountain

Location: Casper, WY

Located in the heart of what locals refer to as “mountain bike country,” the trails found here are sure to be appreciated by riders of all skill levels. If you need to refuel yourself, make your way into town when you decide to take a break from riding.

Nowater OHV Area

Location: Manderson, WY

If you’re looking for good multiple use trails in Wyoming, you’ll want to head here. With multiple access points, it’s not difficult to find a trail that’s right for your intended activity.

Raspberry Ridge ATV Trail

Location: Bondurant, WY

You’re sure to appreciate the panoramic mountain views along the 10 miles of trail found here. If you’re avid rider, the terrain can be fairly challenging in spots without becoming too hazardous. Should you need soak after a day of riding, make your way to the nearby Granite Hot Springs.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Location: Jackson, WY

While known for its snowboarding and skiing trails, there’s just as much fun to be had here when the temperatures go up. You’ll discover trails ideal beginning mountain bikers. If you fall somewhere in between, there are plenty of intermediate loops to explore. Should you be more experienced, technical challenges in the form of various beams, obstacles and jumps abound here.

Jenny Lake Trail

Location: Grand Teton National Park (near Moose, WY)

This 7.3-mile loop trail is accommodating to riders of all skill levels. Adjacent to a lake and other natural delights, the trail is accessible from early summer through early fall, often well into October.

Strawberry Creek Trail

Location: Bedford, WY

Found within Bridger-Teton National Forest, this 10-mile trail is more technical in nature with its rugged and steep terrain. You’ll start your ride in a valley that will slowly climb to an elevation of over 2,000 feet.

Three Poles Recreation Area

Location: Sheridan, WY

The natural terrain motocross track here offers plenty of challenges to keep daredevils happy. The beginners area provides ample opportunities to brush up on skills. Except for mud season, the motocross track is open daily.

Honeycomb Buttes: Nowater Trail Overnighter

Location: near Lysite, WY

Primarily designed for mountain biking, this 60-mile trail is appropriate for both intermediate and advanced skill levels. Twisted and contorted erosion features should appeal to experienced riders.

McCullough Peaks

Location: Cody, WY

Be on the lookout for wild horses roaming throughout the area while riding here. Offering more than 150 miles of trails, McCullough Peaks is ideal for various skill levels. As is the case with many trails in the state, you’ll need a current Wyoming ORV permit to ride here, which can be purchased online.

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