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100 Things To Do In Wyoming


100 Things To Do In Wyoming

10 Things To Do In Gillette, Wyoming

People from all over the world come to Wyoming to experience its incomparable beauty and unique attractions, including Yellowstone National Park and nearby Jackson Hole. Some of the greatest treasures for visitors and residents alike, however, are waiting in smaller, less well-trodden towns all over Wyoming. One of these towns is Gillette. With a population of around 30,000 and a rich history and landscape, Gillette, Wyoming offers a host of wide-ranging activities, from outdoor to cultural to culinary. With these ten activities, you will stay plenty busy whether you are visiting for a weekend or moving in for good.

1. Break a Sweat at The Rec Center

Gillette Wyoming has one of the biggest and nicest indoor public recreation facilities in the state of Wyoming. It has everything you could possibly dream of with two indoor pools, weight lifting facilities, cardio facilities, several full size basketball, racquet ball courts, an indoor climbing wall plus an indoor field house where you can run on an actual track. If you are in Gillette make sure to stop by and check it out.

2. Catch an Event at the CAM-PLEX Multi-Event Facility

Anything that boasts it is the superlative of its kind “west of the Mississippi” is worth seeing, and this is no exception. The largest event center west of the Mississippi, the CAM-PLEX hosts an astounding range of activities, from rodeos and motorcycle rallies, and horse races, to performing arts at the Heritage Center Theater. Whatever time of year you visit, the event center is sure to be bustling with activity.

3. Get Cultural at AVA Community Art Center

Don’t let the size of the town fool you; Gillette, Wyoming has no shortage of fine culture. One of the hubs of that culture is AVA Art Center. With art galleries, a range of courses for adults and children, and other special events, the center proves that Wyoming contains beauty indoors as well as out.

4. Tour the Eagle Butte Coal Mine

Gillette is the “Energy Capital of the World,” providing nearly 35% of the country’s coal, therefore no visit would be complete without understanding where the coal comes from. Both informational and interesting, the two-hour tour led by knowledgeable and engaging tour guides provides an inside look at what goes into making a real working mine function. Both kids and adults enjoy seeing the impressive equipment and unique geology of a mine.

5. Sip a Pint at the Gillette Brewing Company

After a long day of touring, nothing could be better than sitting down with some pizza and beer—or a soft drink, in the case of the many children who visit. With a warm atmosphere located in an old post office, the Gillette Brewing Company serves a great selection of homebrews, including the Locomotive Brown Ale, which won a medal at the US Beer Open Championship.

6. Learn about History at the Rockpile Museum

When you step foot in Gillette, you can feel the history of the place, but not until you visit the Rockpile Museum will you start to understand it. A mixture of permanent and rotating galleries, the building contains fossils, rifles, Native American objects, and other artifacts that narrate the story—from prehistoric formation to the present—of Gillette and surrounding Campbell County.

7. Gillette Farmer’s Market

With a summer market on Saturdays and a year-round Tuesday market, the town of Gillette is clearly dedicated to local agriculture. Run by Master Gardeners who focus on educating the population about Campbell County’s horticulture, the farmer’s market showcases the best of what Wyoming’s unique land has to offer.

8. Drive to Devil’s Tower National Monument

Though not technically in Gillette, the Devil’s Tower National Monument is just an hour-long hop down the road and is worth the drive. A flat-top volcano, the striking rock formation rises 1,200 feet above the ground in a dramatic display of rock columns. It is the first ever declared US National Monument, it draws hikers to the relaxed hike around the base, and the climbing routes offer a thrill to those not faint of heart.

9. Catch Some Live Music at Jake’s Tavern

Since 1994, Jake’s Tavern has been a hub of nightlife in Gillette. With an intimate bar on one side, a 6000 square-foot dance hall on the other, and an outdoor beer garden, it draws blues and rock acts from Jimmy Van Zant to a ZZ Top tribute band and provides a great space to let loose. Don’t want to listen to music? Unwind at the bar’s many pool tables, dartboards, or its large arcade.

10. Hit the Lanes at Family Fun Frontier Center

If you are looking for more family-friendly fun, you can find it at the Family Fun Frontier Center, a 20-lane bowling alley in Gillette. Offering different food and drink options and an expanding restaurant, the bowling alley is a great place to spend an evening with the kids. If you’re staying in Gillette for a long time, consider a bowling league for you to meet new people—or for your children to earn scholarships. It is not just a bowling alley, but also a community space.

10 Things To Do In Casper Wyoming

Casper, Wyoming is a hot spot for tourists to visit throughout the year for the incredible scenery and historic sites that are available in the second largest city in the state. The location boasts a variety of attractions and outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy for a unique location that stands out in the country. When planning a trip to Casper, Wyoming, there are a few things to include in your itinerary for an incredible experience in the destination.

1. Take a Tour on the Historic Trails West

Enjoy going back in time with a tour of the Historic Trails West by riding in a covered wagon or on horseback for an original experience that is truly unforgettable. You’ll be able to see breathtaking sites that will make it easier to have a greater appreciation for what the settlers endured while on their journey across the US in the mid 1800s. The guided tours take riders on actual trails that were used on land that is unspoiled and is perfect to photograph.

Meals are also prepared during the trip with campfire food preparation with supervision by the tour guides. This includes cowboy breakfasts and steak dinners for delicious food that will allow you to escape to another time period and understand what it mean to travel on various trails.

2. Stop By Hell’s Half Acre

Those who want to experience some of the most beautiful rock formations in Casper can visit Hell’s Half Acre where you’ll see long stretches of Wyoming skies. The location is well-preserved and is also a place where several different movies were filmed in the past. Guests can view over 320 acres of land where caves and deep ravines are also present. According to Roadsideamerica.com, it’s also a place where bone is still present from buffalo that once roamed the area. There is even a snake-infested gorge that still remains near Highway 20 for a great place to stop and photograph when you’re passing through the city.

3. Play at Three Crowns Golf Club

Enjoy playing a round of golf at Three Crowns Golf Club where you can unwind in a setting that features stunning views of Casper Mountain. Many people return to the location for the manicured grounds and the fun 18-hole courses that are available for avid golfers who want to play in a unique setting. The layout is challenging but fair and will make for an interesting game. When you want to take a break and enjoy lunch or dinner, the restaurant at the course offers exceptional fare with window views of the mountains and course.

For residents in the area, the course is considered to be an intimate part of the community and of Wyoming life with friendly service and products that are available at the pro golf shop. There is even plenty of water on the course, which makes for an interesting and challenging game that may mean that you lose a few balls.

4. Visit the Wyoming Veterans Memorial Museum

This museum is a must-see for those who want to learn more about the history of every war that has taken place with the U.S.A variety of different exhibits and display are available in a location that was originally used as a military base and was built in 1942 before becoming an airport. Many of the artifacts have come from veterans in the state with multiple tributes to those who gave their lives for the country. Several of the artifacts include uniforms, gear, and various photos. A number of different stories are also explained at the location for a personable and sentimental experience.

Guests can enjoy viewing the detailed murals on the walls in the building, which are all painted by Army airman and offer a great understanding of war. Tour guides are also available to explain the history of various wars and answer questions for visitors. The museum is free to visit but accepts donations.

5. Snowshoe on Casper Mountain

When you want to get outside and explore the great outdoors, Casper Mountain is an exceptional place to enjoy a number of outdoor activities during the winter season for those who want to play in the snow. Those who are visiting at the end of the year can snowshoe on dedicated trails that are available on the mountain. According to visitcasper.com, guests can obtain a pass to access the Nordic trails for plenty of adventure in a beautiful setting. Snowshoes can also be rented at Mountain Sports or at Zeelo’s Cranks and Planks.

Snowshoeing is ideal for all ages and allows you to escape into a serene environment that is secluded for the chance to view different types of wildlife in their natural habitat.

6. Go for a Swim at the Casper Family Aquatic Center

The Casper Family Aquatic Center welcomes residents and visitors to take a dip in the pool with various classes that are offered to the public throughout the week. You can enjoy participating in water walking, enrolling in a swim lesson, or even visiting during family swim sessions that are available for all ages. You’ll get the chance to improve your swimming skills or play a few games in the water with other visitors. The pool also boasts a fun slide and several play toys for a great way to enjoy a fun activity in each season of the year.

7. Explore the Science Zone

When visiting Casper with small children in tow, the Science Zone is a great place to peek your kids’ curiosity for science and offer them an educational experience with several exhibits and interactive displays that are available at the location. Kids will have the opportunity to visit the Thoracic Park exhibit to learn about the lungs and heart in the body for a greater understanding of their health and how it functions.

The Engineering Zone is another informative place to stop by where children can build and play with blocks and large structures that are available throughout the day. The Zoo Zone is ideal for kids who want to learn more about animals and understand their natural habitats. Those who want to have even more fun can visit the Bubble Zone, which is the perfect place to play with bubbles and learn how to make them with various tools and equipment that is available.

8. Visit Platte River Parkway

Platte River Parkway features 11 miles of a beautiful outdoor setting where guests can hike, walk, and bike in a serene environment, according to gonw.about.com. The parkway runs along the North Platte River for incredible views of the water when enjoying various recreational activities. Several small parks are also located nearby, which includes Tate Pumphouse, White Water Park, and the North Platte River Park complex.

This parkway was built in 1982 with the intention of preserving the natural and historic value of the city with trails that connect to other locations in Casper for a great way of exploring the city.

9. Enjoy an Educational Experience at the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

The National Historic Trails Interpretive Center is the perfect place for visitors to learn about the various trails that are still preserved in Casper that were once used by those who migrated west. With a visit to the center, you’ll be able to become informed on how various regional trails changed US history with multiple exhibits that are on display throughout the year. This is a great place to view original artifacts and learn about the California Trail, Oregon Trail, and Pony Express while viewing different photos.

The center also welcomes guests to attend workshops and evening programs that are hosted each month for a great appreciation of the history of the area.

10. View the Nicolaysen Art Museum

Art-enthusiasts can view a number of different exhibits that are on display at the Nicolaysen Art Museum where various pieces of contemporary art are available to the public. This location is ideal for all ages with hands-on art stations that children can use to explore their creative side and have a bit of fun. Various materials are available at each station, which includes the use of puppets and crayons for kids who can use their imagination. Adults can also join in by exploring art media with watercolor and clay that is free to use for a great way of becoming an artist for the day.

Visitors at the museum can also attend special lectures and participate in special workshops that are available throughout the year for a great way of learning more about art and how to practice the various forms.

10 Things To Do In Lander, Wyoming

Located in central Wyoming, Lander lies just south of the Wind River Indian Reservation. With a population slightly over 7000, Lander contains numerous attractions for locals and visitors alike. The picturesque city fuses tourist worthy destinations with small town charm. Residents take pride in their town, frequenting local establishments and stimulating the area economy. Nestled in some of the finest scenery in the west it’s a wonderful place to live or visit.

Read on for your top ten guide to Lander. Generally divided into outdoor activities, cultural museums, and dining, our guide encompasses the best of this charming city.

1. Sinks Canyon State Park

Named for a unique geologic formation, Sinks Canyon offers stunning geologic formations along with a vast array of animals and wildlife. Hike, fish, climb, camp, or go for a scenic drives in this breathtakingly beautiful display of nature’s bounty. Tours for students and guides for teachers are available. Open from 9am-6pm daily throughout the summer. Do not visit Sinks Canyon without a camera– or at least a selfie stick– so you’ll always have the photos to cherish.

2. Beaver Creek Nordic Ski Area

Strap on your skis and hit the snow running on this snowy expanse maintained by volunteers and local businesses. Best of all there’s no charge to ski! Some of the trails prove demanding, so advanced skiers will be challenged. Be sure to note the routes for various levels so novices aren’t overwhelmed. Competitions are held here frequently. Remember, however, that the local team practices here and there is no skiing for the public on race days.

3. Downtown

Encompassing Main Street and the Historic District, the downtown area paints a picture of the town as a whole. Two locations are included on the National Register of Historic Places and the many of the buildings possesses qualities of historical and architectural interest. Main Street offers a sampling of life in Lander with various small businesses. Several blocks from Main Street you’ll find the Chamber of Commerce, an excellent starting point for visitors. The building itself is a piece of history seeing as how it occupies the space that was formerly the railroad depot and contains memorabilia about the rails. Be sure to pick up your Lander Travel Guide while there.

4. Lander Art Center

Visual creativity abounds in this small town. The Lander Art Center seeks to expose citizens to local, regional, and national artists in a gallery space that changes every 6-7 weeks. According to their mission statement: “We provide a wide variety of cultural and artistic opportunities to our rural residents through art exhibitions, events and education opportunities.” Admission is free but donations are always encouraged.

5. Fremont County Pioneer Museum

Peruse the museum– which takes about an hour to cover both floors– while immersing yourself in pioneer culture. Artifacts from prehistoric times through the 1920’s are collected. Programs include discovery speakers, adventure treks, and a children’s exploration series. Worth noting is the jailhouse register. Did you know that Butch Cassidy was jailed in Lander in 1894?! The Pioneer Museum also offers a walking tour of Lander.

6. Museum of the American West

Conveniently located next door to the Pioneer Museum, the Museum of the American West prides itself on being “the only institution which celebrates the different groups of people who utilized the critical geography of what is now central Wyoming to shape the American West.” Emphasizing relationships between the four distinct cultures inhabiting the area– Eastern Shoshone, the Northern Arapaho, the pioneers and descendants, and others attracted to this community– the museum strives for an authentic representation of this unique culture.

7. Cowfish

Consistently ranked among the top restaurants in Lander, Cowfish does not disappoint. Trip Advisor gives the local favorite its Certificate of Excellence. Meat and fish entrees, delectable desserts, and pub grub comprise the bulk of the menu. Associated with the Lander Brewing Company, the keep local beers on tap and rotates seasonal, barrel-aged, and cask beers. Their knowledgeable staff will gladly assist you in selecting a brew that will tantalize your taste buds.

8. Middle Fork

Enjoy breakfast or lunch in this cozy atmosphere. Those supporting green lifestyles will appreciate the restaurant’s mission: “To prepare and serve the best possible food in the most sustainable way; balancing food quality, good business practices, and environmental concerns. We will support the community in which we live.” Pair you brunch meal with a traditional Bloody Mary, or mimosa. Or even opt for the espresso bar.

9. The Forge

Whether it’s Wing Wednesdays, Thirsty Thursdays, karaoke and trivia on Fridays, and Ladies Night on Saturdays, this establishment attracts a fun crowd with their regular specials. Burgers and wings are their specialties. Make sure to follow them on Facebook as they maintain a comprehensive page detailing events. Remember kids eat free on Tuesdays!

10. Lander Bar

Wanting to experience the flavor of the wild west? Look no further than Lander Bar.

Originally opened as a saloon in the 1800’s the building has at various times been a hotel, brothel, and boarding house. This authentic, Western watering hole transports patrons to a bygone era. Take advantage of the limited memberships in the Mug Club– discounted microbrew pricing on growlers, kegs, and pints along with exclusive invites to club parties featuring specialty beer and food pairings.

Whether you’re an avid skier, history buff, art aficionado, or just love a good meal with a cold beverage…there’s something for you in Lander.

10 Things To Do In Laramie, Wyoming

Laramie, Wyoming, has a rich history that dates back to the early 19th Century when French trapper Jacques LaRamie first traveled to the area. Laramie may be best known for its Wild West period of lawlessness that has been featured in several movies and television shows. Once law and order was established in the late 19th Century, Laramie quickly turned into a quaint little town filled with hard working manufacturers. Since there are few places in the United States with as deep of a history as Laramie, it is easy to see why it is such a great place to live and visit. These are the 10 best things to do while in Laramie, Wyoming.

1. See a Game at University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming calls Laramie its permanent home. All of the sports teams at the college compete at the Division 1 level in just under 20 different sports. While seeing any sporting event at a college is going to be thrilling, basketball and football are the two most popular sports at the University of Wyoming. The Cowboys football team plays of their home games at War Memorial Stadium, which is an on-campus stadium that seats just under 30,000 people. If you are looking for something to do after the football season concludes, then a University of Wyoming Cowboys basketball game at Arena-Auditorium is a great alternative.

2. Catch a Performance at The Gryphon Theatre

The best place to watch a concert or theatrical performance in Laramie is The Gryphon Theatre. National touring bands and plays regularly stop at The Gryphon Theatre in Laramie anytime their tours come near Wyoming. Some of the biggest acts that have played at The Gryphon Theater at some point in their career include Mumford & Sons, Delta Rae, Justin Townes Earle and Ryan Bingham. The 850 seat venue has been open for just under 100 years, and it was even placed on the National Register Historic Places in March 1981. This means that you will get to see an amazing performance while standing in one of the most beautiful and historic buildings in the United States.

3. Have a Day of Fun at All Points West

The top place to have a day of fun with the whole family in Laramie is All Points West. The family fun center has Wild West themed laser tag, pool tables, an inflatable attraction called the Log Slammer and huge arcade filled with great games. The Log Slammer is very similar to one of the most popular events featured on the television show “Wipeout.” You will have to duck under or jump over the logs as they spin around in a circle. Adults and children will have a blast on the deceptively tricky Log Slammer.

4. Visit the Laramie Plains Museum

Visiting the Laramie Plains Museum is a great way to see what life was like in the city when it was first founded. The biggest attraction at the museum is the old Victorian mansion that was originally built by Edward and Jane Ivinson in 1892. While the mansion was briefly turned into a church and boarding school, it has been restored back to its original design. The Ivinson Mansion at the Laramie Plains Museums was added to the United States National Register of Historic Places in February 1972 because of its cultural and historic significance to the area.

5. Learn at the Geology Museum at the University of Wyoming

While there are several museums located at the University of Wyoming, none of them are as impressive as the Geology Museum. Since the entire museum is curated by the college, it is free to see for everyone. There are over 50,000 items on display in the museum, but the most impressive exhibit is the collection of dinosaur fossils and skeletons. The computerized topographical sandbox is also a huge hit with the kids. All of the items on display in the museum were all found on archaeological digs in Wyoming, which makes the collection even more impressive.

6. Enjoy Some Outdoor Extreme Sports at Vedauwoo

Vedauwoo is an impressively beautiful granite rock formation found in the Medicine Bow – Routt National Forest. While Vedauwoo is worth the trip just too take in its beauty, it is also a popular spot for extreme sport athletes. Rock climbing and hiking the boulders and cliffs are the most popular activities at the granite formation. The rock formations that make up Vedauwoo cover just over 10 square miles, so you will have plenty of different spots to climb and hike. You can even camp in the area if you want to get the most out of your experience.

7. Enjoy Jubilee Days Every July

Laramie hosts several popular annual events each year, but none of them are able to top the Jubilee Days celebration each July. Jubilee Days has been celebrated in Laramie since 1940. The annual event started out as a great way to honor the birth of the state of Wyoming, but it has recently expanded to also include the 4th of July. The birth of Wyoming and the United States is celebrated at Jubilee Days in Laramie with a parade, street fair, carnival rides and games, live music and several rodeo events. You can put a team together to compete against the rest of the residents in the softball tournament. If you are in Laramie during the month of July, then there is absolutely no reason to skip Jubilee Days.

8. Relax on the Water at Plaines Lake

Outdoor sports are popular throughout the state of Wyoming, but fishing is probably the most popular of all of them. There is just something soothing about spending an entire day in a small boat on the open water attempting to catch some fish. If you are interested in fishing in Laramie, then Plaines Lake is easily the best place stop and try your luck out on the water. Trout and perch around 15 pounds are regularly caught out of Plaines Lake. A day on the lake is well worth it even if you do not catch any fish. Several campsites are located near the lake that cater to avid fishermen.

9. Take in the Beauty of Wyoming at Medicine Bow National Forest

Nobody can argue that Wyoming is one of the most beautiful states in the country. One of the best places to experience the natural beauty of Wyoming is at Medicine Bow National Forest. The forest spreads over 1 million acres of southeast Wyoming, but the forest headquarters is located in Laramie. It easy to spend weeks viewing the beautiful mountains, rivers and wildlife in Medicine Bow National Forest. Whether you choose to hike through the forest or take in the sights from your car, you will definitely not be disappointed.

10. Play a Round of Golf at Glenn Red Jacoby Golf Course

Wyoming is filled with some of the best golf courses in the United States, and Glenn Red Jacoby Golf Course in Laramie is easily one of the best in the state. The 6,855 yard par-70 course features slope rating of 117 and a course rating of 70.5, which means that it is an extremely fair but moderately difficult course. Whether you are a relatively new to the sport or a scratch golfer, you will have a good time playing at Gleen Red Jacoby Golf Course. The course is open to the public every day featuring good weather. It does regularly host a few tournaments each month, so you will have to check the tournament schedule before planning your golf outing.

The history, natural beauty and the family friendly atmosphere make Laramie a great place to live and visit. While these are 10 of the best things to do in Laramie, you will probably never run out of fun things to do while in the city. Now that you know all about the great attractions in Laramie, it is time to start scheduling your next trip to experience everything the city has to offer in person.

10 Things To Do In Cheyenne Wyoming

Cheyenne, Wyoming, offers plenty of fun for the entire family. Once an area of mining and a stop on the westward-bound railroads, Cheyenne allows visitors a glimpse back into life in the 1800s. The town is also a great indicator of contemporary life in Wyoming and has plenty of festivals and events throughout the year. You’ll be able to visit the transportation and train museum, take a trolley or walking tour and finish the day at a rodeo or entertaining cowboy show. There’s literally fun for every member of your family in this history old western town.

1. Wyoming Transportation Museum

Learn about the railroad industry in Wyoming at this historic train station. Your journey starts at the Union Pacific Depot in Cheyenne. You’ll appreciate the Romanesque architecture before heading into the museum’s main hall. Kids will love learning about the westward expansion of the American railroad system in an old station from the late 1800s. You’ll get the opportunity to see some vintage trains and learn why railroads were so important to the area. Kids also love checking out the vintage model trains too. There are also plenty of shops for some souvenirs and a better idea of Wyoming culture.

2. Cheyenne Street Railway Trolley

Check out Cheyenne or simply get your bearings in this historic town from the comfortable seats of the Cheyenne Street Railway Trolley. You’ll board the bus during one of three tour times to sit back, relax and learn about the history of the wild west. The tour includes an audio guide to help your imagination travel back in time to when this town played a part in the old west. Hear dramatic stories of gunfights in saloons, crazy brothels and wild outlaws. You might even get a chance to stop at the Old West Museum, the historic governor’s mansion or the botanical gardens.

3. Bit-O-Wyo Ranch

You didn’t come to the wild west just to do some shopping and spend time in museums. You came for a little bit of adventure. Shed your city slicker attitude at the Bit-O-Wyo Ranch. You’ll head into the barn around 6 p.m. to meet the horses. Then, you’ll take a seat to let the magic begin. The Bit-O-Wyo offers a full cowboy entertainment experience. While chowing down on some awesome grub, you’ll be entertained by real western cowboys. Your dinner includes cowboy favorites like steak, baked beans and apple sauce. You might even get a chance to talk to a real-live cowboy.

4. Cheyenne Frontier Days Arena

If your need for entertainment extends past a dinner and a show, head over to the Frontier Days Arena. This is the home of the Frontier Days evening rodeo. The 19,000-seat arena is the perfect place to get up close and personal with a real rodeo. The venue also hosts several fairs and concerts per year too, so you’ll get to see more than just horses. Past events have included the volunteer fair, special events just for kiddies and Tim McGraw. Strap on your cowboy boots, head over to Frontier Days and get in on a little western family fun.

5. Wyoming State Museum

When you need to get back out of the sun for a bit, head over to the Wyoming State Museum. Here, you’ll get not only a glimpse into the town’s past, but you’ll get a peek into the history of the entire state of Wyoming. The museum features exhibits dedicated to Wyoming’s past that extend thousands of years into the past. Check out some dinosaur bones before learning about the coal industry in Wyoming.

Kids can dress up like cowboys and soldiers and even take turns throwing a lasso. You’ll also get a comprehensive view of what it’s like to live in the state in the present day. You can even learn a little about the Native American culture here. The museum has rotating exhibits, so there’s always something new for everyone. You might even get to peek at a little local art while you’re here before heading over to the gift shop for some souvenirs.

6. Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum

Get an even closer view of the days of the old west at the Frontier Days Old West Museum. Once you’ve seen real cowboys in action and an adrenaline-pumping rodeo, you’ll want to learn about the history. Exhibits include a large collection of carriages that’s actually one of the largest in the country. You’ll follow the cast of characters that ensured that the rodeo played a huge part in the state’s history. The children’s interactive gallery has dozens of exhibits that help engage small children and allow them to learn about the old west from a kid’s perspective. The museum also specializes in exhibits that celebrate the days of the frontier in Wyoming. There’s even art exhibits that help you get a better grasp on life in the 1800s in Wyoming.

7. Adora Day Spa

When you’re ready to cool down for a bit and fit in some relaxation, head over to the Adora Day Spa. You can get out of the sun and cool down your skin. Adora offers massages, facials and body wraps. They also offer medical spa services like vein treatments and anti-aging treatments. If you want to look like you’ve been in the sun all day, you can splurge on a custom spray tan. Or, just dip your toes into the spa setting by indulging in a spa manicure and pedicure. Wyoming isn’t just fun in the sun; it’s also offers a deep sense of relaxation.

8. Cowgirls of the West Museum

Even girl power gets a chance to shine in Wyoming. At the Cowgirls of the West Museum, visitors can get a chance to see some of the more unsung heroes of Cheyenne. The museum tells the stories of cowgirls young and old. It pays homage to the cowgirls of history and maintains friendships with current cowgirls. Exhibits show what a typical life of a cowgirl was like in the 1800s, from the field to the home. Cowgirls not only wrangled animals and worked outside, but they also kept homes tidy and made sure the kids were well-fed. The museum hosts special events throughout the month and has its own store where you can buy your own cowgirl memorabilia like hats and spurs.

9. Frontier Mall

When you need to get some shopping done, the Frontier Mall is the place to head. The building has over 500,000-square feet of uninterrupted shopping. You can snag some great gifts at stores like the Bath and Body Works, Best Buy, Spencer’s Gifts and Shoe Carnival. You can also grab a quick bite at one of the many small grab-and-go places in the café. Or, sit down for a full-service meal at Dickey’s Barbecue or Renzio’s Greek Food. You can get a little break from all your vacation fun before heading out for more history. There’s even a full-service movie theater just in case you want to catch a new flick before you leave.

10. Outdoor Activities

Cheyenne has plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun. There’s miles and miles of hiking in the area. Some state forests are only a short car ride away. The nearby Ames Monument is a small stone tower that draws visitors from all over. The stone structure was dedicated to the Ames brothers, two men who helped to construct the railroads out west. The decorations on the tower were created by famous sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudins, who was famous for projects in New York City.

At Cahill Park, visitors can ride bikes, play games and participate in sports. You can even bring along a picnic lunch to enjoy on the grass. Soccer fields are also available for use in the park.

Nearby Pole Mountain offer camping and hiking in the summer and autumn seasons. You can wander through streams, fields and forests. Giant boulders are also a huge draw to visitors.

Cheyenne also has its own botanic gardens. The best part about the gardens is that they are completely free! Kids will love climbing through the jungle gyms in the kids’ gardens, and adults and children of all ages will enjoy the natural splendor the gardens offer. The outdoor museum features 27 different gardens from all over the world. They also host special events that teach about sustainability and gardening at home.

Head over to Cheyenne for a western experience like no other. Whether you’re into the outdoors or just chilling in the spa, there’s plenty for the entire family. You’ll love getting a glimpse into history and enjoying a taste of local cowboy cuisine. You can experience adventure at the rodeo or a little romance in the cowboy entertainment experience. By the end of your vacation, you might even need a little extra relaxation time from all the fun you’ll had.

10 Things To Do In Sheridan, Wyoming

Sheridan, Wyoming is one of the best examples of an authentic western town. Located in the northern part of Wyoming, Sheridan is filled with friendly faces, warm hospitality, and world-class culture. This city truly has something special to offer, filled with a diverse range of outdoor recreation and hidden cultural gems, there is something for the whole family. Below are ten different things you can do on your visit to Sheridan, the list as diverse as the city itself.

1. Visit the Farmer’s Market

Located in the historic Downtown Sheridan, you can find fresh, well-priced produce every Thursday from July until September. While the local growers provide you great food, there are also family-friendly crafts, and live music that provides a festive, light-hearted atmosphere. Non-Profit Organization booths are spread along the Market, filled with valuable information and ways you can help make a difference. Be sure to pack up the family and spend a few fun-packed hours at the Farmer’s Market.

2. Relax at Concerts in the Park

If you find yourself in Sheridan during the summer months (more specifically from June-August) spend an evening at Kendrick Park! Concerts in the Park is a perfect chance to spread out a blanket, pack a cooler, and stretch out while enjoying some tunes. In between sets feel free to grab an ice cream cone or stretch your legs and explore the park! You may even see the local buffalo or elk hanging around, so keep your eyes peeled. Concerts in the Park is held every Tuesday at 7:30pm at the Kendrick Park band shell, make it a relaxing date night or a fun family outing!

3. Spend a Day on the Green

For all you golf enthusiasts coming for a visit, you’ll be pleased to know that Sheridan is Wyoming’s Golf Capital. It has three of the state’s finest golf courses, located near the Bighorn Mountains. More specifically, Kendrick Golf Course is known as the best public golf course, so no extensive membership process here! Enjoy the beautiful scenery while spending the day on the green.

4. Take a Stop and Enjoy the Views at Shell Falls

Located along US Route 14, Shell Falls is a stop you won’t want to miss on your trip. At an elevation of 6,400 ft; the raging water glides down beautiful granite walls and settles into a downstream. There are convenient maintained trails that lead to multiple falls with stunning views, making it a great family hiking location. They close the visitor center and facilities as the winter approaches, but don’t be discouraged, the falls are still accessible near the marked gates. With adequate parking facilities, and easy access, this is a refreshing place you won’t want to skip.

5. Spend a Day or Two Exploring the Bighorn Mountains

The Bighorns have a diverse landscape consisting of: mountains, Alpine lakes, and evergreen forests. With over one million acres of national forest, The Bighorns don’t fall short of things to do. There are 1,200 miles of trails, 30 campgrounds, convenient picnic areas, streams for fishing opportunities, and beautiful outlooks. No matter what time of year you visit, there are always sights to see and land to explore. During the winter months, facilities provide snowmobiles to rent in order to access the mountains more efficiently. There are also eight lodges conveniently located among the acres, just in case weather doesn’t permit use of the campgrounds, or camping isn’t your thing. If you don’t have time to spend a few days in the Bighorns, don’t fret! The drive throughout the mountains have stunning views and photo opportunities. Roll down the windows and enjoy the crisp air, and keep your eyes peeled for the various wildlife. The Bighorns are known for having Whitetail deer, moose, antelopes, and/or mountain lions wandering around.

6. Get your Western Fix at King’s Saddlery and Museum

King’s is a western tack store, museum-combo with a large inventory that is filled to the brim with history. With a $2 suggested entry price, it’s a great way to spend several hours. Located off the rope shop is the Don King Museum that includes three decades of the family’s western memorabilia. It has everything from wagons, artifacts, original artwork, coaches, and hundreds of saddles displayed on the walls. Don’t forget to wander through the Rope Shop and pick up some high quality rope.

7. Visit the hidden treasure that is the Sheridan County Museum

If you want to learn more about the area, be sure to stop in the Sheridan County Museum. Judging by the outside, the museum looks a bit small, but don’t judge a book by its cover! It’s filled with diverse collections including themes such as: mining, farming, Indian wars, and important county history. The museum also has exhibits that constantly change, so it would make a nice tradition to spend an hour or two here with each trip to Sheridan.

8. Gain some culture at the WYO Theater

Originally built in 1923, the WYO Theater entertained families for nearly 60 years before closing down. Luckily, in 1989 it reopened as a road house, and today serves as a melting pot of live entertainment, educational opportunities, and cultural enrichment. They have a well-run, user-friendly theater; with a wide variety of genres to appeal to the masses. With comfortable seats, affordable prices, and a clean atmosphere; it’s a great way to spend your night while in Sheridan.

9. Experience Local Brews From Black Tooth Brewing Co.

For over five years, Black Tooth Brewing Co. has been creating quality craft beer. Being the most highly awarded brewery in Sheridan, they own up to it by having a large range of brews that locals and travelers alike can enjoy. A convenient sampler tray allows you to taste a variety of local brews, made adjacent to the bar itself. The decor is a mix of modern and western flare, with tons of room to move around. They even have occasional live entertainment! So sit back, relax, and enjoy a pint; if you’re a beer lover, you won’t be disappointed.

10. Leave With an Iconic Story From The Mint Bar

What used to be The Mint Cigar Company and Soda Shop is now known as, The Mint Bar. Now don’t mistake them for a cigar company turned bar, they’ve been serving alcohol for decades. It just so happens they needed a rebrand due to the prohibition, but they’re back in action as the same lively bar they used to be. You can be sure to find a western themed, neon lit, art-packed bar filled with hilarious stories and pranks each visit. The walls even make a statement, with over 9,000 cattle brands from all over the state. Being an extremely popular meeting place for locals and tourists, you can ask anyone about The Mint Bar and they’ll be able to tell you a story. History literally hangs on the walls, so it’s only appropriate you make history with a fun story of your own.

With these ten attractions in mind, Sheridan is a hidden, welcoming, and diverse gem. With beautiful outdoor recreation, legendary bars, and family oriented activities there is truly something for everyone.

10 Things to do in Cody Wyoming

Cody, Wyoming is beautiful. Whether you are stopping by on your way to Yellowstone, visiting the Rodeo Capital of the World or planning your destination wedding, Cody has fun for the whole family! Check out these neat opportunities on your next visit to Cody.

1. Buffalo Bill Center of the West

A trip to Cody should include the Buffalo Bill Center of the West located in the heart of Cody. The Center is named after William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody and had a museum dedicated to telling his story and that of the Western frontier and ranching. The Center houses four additional museums; the Whitney Western Art Museum, the Plains Indian Museum, the Cody Firearms Museum and the Draper Natural History Museum. Tickets are good for two days to give you time to soak in all the Center has to offer.

2. Cody Rodeo

If you did not know before, now you do; Cody, is the rodeo capital of the world. There is a rodeo every night from early June to the end of August and all the activities, food and fun that accompany a rodeo. If you happen to visit over the 4th of July – the Cody Stampede Rodeo is part of Cody’s biggest annual celebration with three parades and a true western celebration of the United States’ independence.

3. Eat Fantastic Food

You will not go hungry in Cody! Enjoy a steak at favored chain; Wyoming’s Rib and Chop House, beloved by locals and visitors alike. If you are looking for fine dining The Local is a great choice for a restaurant that proudly serves locally sourced cuisine. If you are looking for an American classic, Bubba’s Bar-B-Que has hearty portions and the only salad bar in town. Cody has the food to fit your tastes and your budget!

4. Buffalo Bill Reservoir / Buffalo Bill State Park

If you want to get outdoors, bring your camera! The Absaroka Mountains frame your stunning views. Hiking, camping and excellent trout fishing are a few of the things to do at Buffalo Bill State Park. You can bring a group or just you, relax and grill or set out and explore. The view is majestic and worth the trip alone!

5. Outdoor Water Experiences

If you would like to take your outdoor adventuring up a level there are outdoor adventure activities to thrill. Cody Wyoming Adventures or Wyoming River Trips have a variety of options for all your water adventure needs. Whitewater rafting, kayaks, paddle boards and more, let your adventurer loose on the waters of Cody.

6. Old Trail Town

Take a step back in time to visit an old trail town. You can learn about the Western heritage in an authentic setting. From original cabins of famous Old West outlaws to thousands of genuine artifacts that were carefully set up to give a real look into the unique experience of the Old West. A must see for history buffs or just someone wanting to explore vestiges of the past.

7. The Irma Hotel

Buffalo Bill built this hotel and held some of the first rodeo’s behind it. Another step back in time it is worth a visit even if you are not sleeping there. The décor gives the feeling of having stepped into a time machine, with food and shows to compliment. Even though the hotel is a historic gem, it has all up-to-date amenities for your comfort.

8. Dan Miller’s Cowboy Music Revue

Take in an evening of tunes at Dan Miller’s Cowboy Music Revue. This is Cody entertainment at its best with over 100,000 people from all over the world checking out this scene. Do not miss it but before you go, make sure to check out where it will be, the act has been at a few different locations.

9. Cody Coffee Shops

Looking for a relaxing place to read your Buffalo Bill’s history book you just picked up? Cody has fantastic coffee shops! A great place to relax and recharge for your next adventure. Rawhhide Coffee and The Beta Coffee House are right near the Irma Hotel and are loved by locals. Rest up with a cup of joe or your morning go-to before you start your adventures. Cody coffee shops have friendly and knowledgeable staff, sell tasty treats and most importantly – have excellent coffee.

10. Wayne’s Boot Shop

A trip to Cody would not be complete without shopping and what better to get in Cody, Wyoming than authentic cowboy boots. Check out Wayne’s Boot Shop for the highest quality service, products and repair. Family owned and operated, Wayne’s Boot Shop boasts a tag line, “Where boots are a way of life.” Do not leave Cody without you own personally fitted cowboy boots that last a life-time.

Cody, Wyoming, the authentic heart of the West. Here are a few great options for a great trip to Cody and there is even more to do.

Whether you end up spend a few days or weeks – you will not regret your escape into the Great West!

10 Thing To Do In Buffalo, WY

Sights, sounds, and locations to keep you occupied in Johnson County, WY

The county seat of Johnson County, Buffalo has a population just under 5,000. The city is perhaps best known for it’s methane production. In recent years, Buffalo has seen unparalleled growth behind its energy extraction. Beyond methane and coal, agriculture and tourism define much of Buffalo’s economy. So what are tourists coming to see? Continue reading for the top ten things to do while visiting Buffalo, Wyoming.

1. Check out the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum

This historic location in Johnson County, WY began as a drugstore. Beyond this, it was a popular stopping point for cowboys, lawmen, and general settlers to the Midwest region. The owner of the shop, Jim Gatchell, had a knack for collecting artifacts and memorial items. Originally opened in the year 1900, his store now stands as a museum that preserves Wyoming’s legacy, culture, and customs.

2. Stop at the Occidental Hotel Museum

Johnson County is home to a number of historic sites an locations. The Occidental Hotel first opened in 1879. A group of travelers stopped for lunch on the road and packed up in what later became Clear Creek. A few more travelers saw this campsite and asked to join for a few days. The rest is history, and the hotel opened shortly after. Almost all of Wyoming’s famous people of past and present passed through this hotel over the years. It wasn’t until 1997 that the site was turned into the museum. John and Dawn Wexo bought the building from the previous owner, Margret Smith, and promised to restore the site. Tourists from all across the country now stop again at this historic stopping point.

3. Boating and Water Skiing

What good is a vacation without a little recreational activity? Wyoming is home to many lakes, but none is more sought after than Lake DeSmet. This site is a popular tourist destination for the fun they can have at sea. There’s also fishing, grilling, picnic sites, camping, and much more. Fun water vehicles including jet skis and wave runners are also available. On a trip to Buffalo, this is a must-see lake where you can take a load off and relax in nature.

4. Hunting

Johnson County also offers big game hunting opportunities. Animals include elk, deer, antelopes, mountain lions, and the black bear. Hunting is permissible throughout any forest ground in Buffalo and the surrounding locale. This means hunters hit this city from all across the country, with hopes of big-game catches and pristine meat. The hunting selection is even open to coyotes and a large number of fowls. One should check with the recreation department or an experienced hunter before tackling birds, as some are off limits.

The Powder River, Bighorn National Forest, and Cloud Peak Wilderness are all within the Buffalo area and also offer unlimited fishing potential.

5. Golf

Buffalo is home to one of the top golf courses in the state of Wyoming, as voted by Golf Digest. The magazine named Buffalo Golf Club to their list of best courses in 1994. Aside from the scenic trail, there is an 18-hole course with 72 par play. It’s located at 550 W. Hart Street.

6. Mountain Climbing and Hiking

The Bighorn National Forest is a fantastic place for backpacking enthusiasts from across the globe. There are a number of trails that surround the park’s streams, parklands, and lakes. Aside from some of the highest peaks in Wyoming, Bighorn also offers a breathtaking landscape. Hikers must register before taking one of the trails. The can also obtain a detailed map and site list from the Bighorn Main office upon arrival. Camping is also available at specific spots on the trail.

7. Horseback Riding

What good are beautiful mountains and trails without a guided tour? And what better way to see the beautiful city of Buffalo than atop a horse as you ride through the eye opening sites. These rides can also be done at Bighorn, within Circle Park and the Hunter Corrals trailheads. One can rent out a horse for a half-day, full day, overnight, or even for an extended ride. Beautiful locations on a beautiful animal? Buffalo is a great place to relax, indeed.

8. Check out the Scenic Roadways

There are three large highways that pass through Buffalo, and each is filled with its own sights and sounds. Cloud Peak Skyway is also known as US Hwy 16 and offers a glimpse at beautiful mountain tops peaked with snow. This highway provides the best possible view for all the national parks in the region. Riders will even get a glimpse at the 13,000 feet peak of Cloud Peak!

Within Bighorn there’s the Scenic Byway, or US Hwy 14. This spot offers 45 miles of driving through breathtaking mountains and trails. You’ll get a glimpse of a sky that seems to go on forever. There are numerous stopping points and sights along the way.

US Hwy 14A is also known as Medicine Wheel Passage. It rises up through the Bighorn Basin and connects the surrounding canyons and grassy fields. There are RV sites and stops along the trail as well. This is also a great stop for discovering Native American history.

9. Winter Sports

Remember the water skis mentioned above? How about snowmobiles for added fun! In the winter, Buffalo is a fantastic location for experiencing nature and its related recreational activities. Buffalo gives you almost 400 miles of snowmobile trails for your pleasure and benefit! If you don’t have a machine of your own, the shop will gladly rent one and let you out on the trails. You can even ask for a guided tour if you want to see all that exists in Buffalo from the eye of a native.

Aside from snowmobiling, there is also plenty of skiing opportunities. Bighorn gives you two downhill sky areas. There are the Meadowlark Ski Lodge and the Antelope Butte Ski Area. You’ll find plenty of downhill fun for both advances skiiers and beginners. If cross-country skiing is more up to your speed, don’t fear. Antelope Butte has a course for this as well, but there’s also the Sibley ski area. Both are within about 30 miles of Buffalo’s main location.

10. History Buffs, Unite!

One of Buffalo’s defining attributes is the honoring of our country’s great history. As such, many locations in the city are preserved as historic locations. There are 22 sites in total listed on the Historic Buildings of Buffalo, Wyoming home page.

On the East Side of North Main Street, these include: Historic Mansion House Inn, Coldwell Banker, The Office, Magro’s Pottery, and the city’s first movie theater The Hitching Post Galley is located on the East Side of South Main Street. On the street’s West Side, there’s: John Erhart’s Fruit and Candy Store, Holistic Health Center, Up In Smoke, T. G. Gatchell’s Pharmacy, The Sports Lure (and Too), Cooley Images, American Outback Antiques, Idlewild Cafe, Sol De Vallarta Mexican Restaurant, and one of the first warehouses in the city. On the West Side of North Main Street, you’ll find: The Occidental Hotel, Johnson County Courthouse, Jim Gatchell Museum, Hersey Apartments, Hen House Beauty Shop, William Holland Home, and a log cabin home of Buffalo’s second mayor.

Like every city in our vast country, Buffalo has many things to keep both tourists and locals happy and entertained. There is much more to see in this historic city than the items mentioned above. These are only the top ten sites tourists jump for in Buffalo, but there are many more gems to find in this great city. Although the population is just under 5,000, the city is fantastic location for seeing a window into another time of our history.

10 Things To Do In Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson is a popular destination among travelers visiting Yellowstone National Park, or the several ski resorts nearby. With an array of activities to do in itself, it won’t fall short of its counterparts. Jackson includes activities for the thrill-seeker, the adventurer, the culture-loving, the foodies, and the whole family. Here are ten things to do in the city that will not leave you disappointed.

1. Go Whitewater Rafting at Barker-Ewing

In for some adventure? Barker-Ewing Whitewater rafting is a great place to spend the day. With a variety of tours to choose from, there’s something that will appeal to everyone. Pack some extra layers, get comfortable in your complimentary splash jacket, and enjoy the waves with your fellow group. The potential to meet and befriend other tourists is at its peak! You can be certain you’ll be in safe hands no matter which tour you choose, with one of Barker-Ewing’s top-rated tour guides. Be sure not to let age discourage you, all tours are known for having adventurers of all ages, from 9-81! You may even get to see a bald eagle among your adventure, so keep your eyes peeled and have a blast!

2. Visit and Learn About Local Wildlife

Wildlife Expeditions of Teton Science Schools is a non-profit organization that provides fun, relaxed, and educational tours for the whole family. Whether you choose a half-day or full-day expedition, you’ll be provided with snacks and beverages to keep you comfortable, and a ride in their custom safari vehicles. They encourage you to bring your camera to record and take photos of the wildlife, as they can be extremely friendly and approach the vehicle. Typically, you’ll see bison, moose, elk, and coyotes among other species depending on the time of year. You’ll be visiting the Greater Yellowstone best wildlife viewing areas with an experienced biologist who will make your adventure fun and worthwhile. There are no minimum age requirements, so it’s a great way to have some family-fun, while learning along the way.

3. Ride Horses in the Mountains

At Horse Creek Ranch you have the opportunity to horseback ride in some of the most beautiful countryside Jackson has to offer. This top rated family-owned ranch raises their own mountain and trail horses, ready to take you on a 1-3 hour adventure. If you’re looking for a little more, they also offer fishing and hiking packages. Their pack trips include camping outdoors, hiking in green meadows, riding well-trained horses, and enjoying home-cooked meals by the fire. Each sleeping tent is furnished with mattresses, tables, chairs, and lanterns for a comfortable stay. They are top ranked on Trip Advisor and an experience you won’t want to skip.

4. Visit a Gallery Filled With Exquisite Art

Visit a beautiful three-level gallery filled with impeccable nature photography. Mangelson is a well known photographer in Jackson with much of his work displayed in diverse businesses. The staff allows you to browse as you please, but you also have the opportunity to purchase a piece or two! Mangelson is an advocate for conservation. He captures nature in its natural state and wildlife in its natural element. One can not deny being moved by his life’s devotion. With a five-star rating among locals of Jackson according to Trip Advisor, this is a place you won’t want to miss.

5. Go Back in Time and Learn About the History

“The mission of the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum is to collect, preserve and explore the cultural, and related natural history of Jackson Hole and the Greater Yellowstone area through education, research, public programming and collaboration” (Source). With models of the Old West, preserved animals that you get to see up close, and exhibitions, it is well worth the $5 admission price. Plus, the admission price includes access to two museums! With one museum being Native American based and the other Western based, you’re in for a day of culture.

6. Dinner and a Show

Jackson Hole Playhouse is the premier theater to catch an incredible play while enjoying a lovely dinner. Juliard trained actors are ready to put on a show for the whole family! You may even see your server up on stage after dinner. The staff is dedicated to quality service and are truly the “jacks of all trades”. Be sure to wave goodbye as the show ends and the actors politely line the walls of the theater to wave you off.

7. Attend a Covered Wagon Cookout

Bar-T-5 will take you on a true western adventure and make you feel like a well-fed cowboy. You start your journey in a covered wagon while you travel into the beautiful Cache Creek Canyon. Welcoming you into the canyon are bells signaling dinner is ready for you to enjoy. Still hungry at the end of your meal? Go through the dinner line again! They don’t stop serving until all the food is devoured. After dinner, the Bar-T-5 Band is ready to entertain. After all the music and laughter, you end your night by riding out of the canyon in your relaxing horse-drawn wagon.

8. Enjoy the Coasters and Slopes at Snow King Mountain

All activities and attractions are open during the summer and winter seasons for your family adventures. In the summer, check out The Alpine Slide that takes you 25 mph down a half mile track with incredible views of the Tetons. The Treetop Adventure is also available, featuring nearly 100 challenges throughout the Pine Forest. Heading to Snow King Mountain in the winter? Skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating are popular activities. Can’t ski or snowboard? There are tube rentals available to slide down the slopes in an equally fun way. Be sure to check out The Cowboy Coaster year round, it twists and turns through almost a mile of Snow King Mountain.

9. Explore Restaurants on a Food Tour

If finding delectable food and trying new, delightful things is your thing, you may want to consider a food tour! Jackson Hole Food Tours is a three hour tour that takes you through various restaurants in the city. You’ll have the opportunity to try food you may have never considered trying, such as elk or buffalo. If you’re traveling, it’s highly recommended to do a food tour at the beginning of your trip, as you’ll most likely want to try other items off the menu during your stay. Learn about the history of Jackson along the way with your intelligent tour guides and enjoy the delicacies.

10. Visit The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Known world wide for its dancing and entertainment, The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is no ordinary bar. The walls are lined with western themed art, murals, and animal mounts among other artifacts. Be sure to sit at the genuine saddles scaling the bar, one of the most well known features. It’s a perfect balance of locals and tourists to be comfortable no matter what category you fall into. Between the live music, the art, and the spirits, some of the best times are spent at The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.

10 Things To Do In Rock Springs, Wyoming

The state of Wyoming is beautiful, spacious, and full of friendly, welcoming locals. Every town in Wyoming offers a unique flavor to the overall experience that comes with exploring this diverse and dynamic state. Rock Springs is a city located in the heart of South Western part of Wyoming and offers great things for couples, families, and solo travelers to enjoy. Read on for the top ten things to definitely check out when you find yourself in this charming town.

1. Visit the Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge

This wildlife refuge is home to over 200 species of resident and migratory wildlife. The refuge is vast, covering more than 27,000 acres. The historic Green River cuts through the refuge and holds the stories of thousands of immigrants and pioneers who crossed over the treacherous river. Today the refuge is a peaceful home to animals like grouse, trumpet swans, moose, elks, river otters, and dozens more. Visits are encouraged to enjoy the scenery and wildlife by boat, car, horseback, hiking, or fishing.

2. Mountain Bike the Cherokee Trail/Currant Creek Ranch Loop

One of the most popular biking trails in the Rock Springs area is the Cherokee Trail. The route offers excellent vantage points where bikers can see for more than 100 miles. Mountain Biker can access all the information they could ever want by visiting The Bike and Trike, a coffee shop/bike shop located in Rock Springs. The shop offers a great opportunity for tourists or beginners to meet locals and gain some expertise.

3. Ride the Killpecker Sand Dunes

While a good section of the Sand Dunes is preserved as a birthing habitat for deer and elk, an off road play area is dedicated for those who love to use off-road vehicles. The sand dunes are a unique backdrop against the Wyoming sky and are popular with locals and tourists alike. What if you’d rather not play in an off-road vehicle? Enjoy a walk on the sand and keep your eyes peeled for interesting landmarks. For example, the dunes are home to the Boar’s Tusk, which is the core of an ancient volcano. Visiting the dunes is an unpredictable yet rewarding thing to do while spending time in Rock Springs.

4. Spend a day at the White Mountain Mall

Though Wyoming is home to many breathtaking natural wonders, it also offers many great shopping opportunities. Changing with the times, the White Mountain Mall has been in the Rock Springs area for more than 30 years. It has dozens of shops and places to eat, as well as a cinema complex showing movies for all ages.

5. See Wild Horses at the Pilot Butte Scenic Loop

Wild horses have become the thing of legend, and Wyoming is one of the last places you can see them in their natural habitat. You may spot paint, appaloosa, and sorrel breeds, among others. From the trail you can enjoy panoramic views of the Wyoming Range, the Wind River Range, and Uinta Range. Other animals, such as the pronghorn antelope, coyotes, grouse, and even hawks and eagles are often spotted.

6. Spend an Afternoon at the Rock Springs Historical Museum

For history buffs young and old alike, the Rock Springs Historical Museum is a must see. The building itself was built in 1894 and was funded by the revenues that came from issuing liquor licenses. In the late 20th century it was the City Hall, Fire Station, and Police Station for the town. Now it is a proud museum that boasts many exhibits, artifacts, and historical treasures based on the rich history of Rock Springs. Much focus is put on the multi-national heritage of the city as well as their history in coal mining.

7. Take a Fly Fishing Trip on the New Fork River

If you like to fish while enjoying the natural beauty of the outdoors, consider spending some time on a fishing trip. The New Fork River has been called a fly fisherman’s dream and can be enjoyed by seasoned fishermen and beginners alike. Other rivers in the area good for fishing include the Green River, Snake River, Salt River, and Flat Creek.

8. Discover the White Mountain Petroglyphs

The petroglyphs engraved in the sandstone walls of White Mountain are a unique and intriguing part of Wyoming’s history. Hundreds of years ago the area was home to the Plains and Great Basin Indians, who left behind a detailed glimpse into their lifestyle by means of their carvings. When visiting the White Mountain Petroglyphs you are able to enjoy the scenery and learn a significant amount about America’s history.

9. Kick Back and Enjoy at Johnny Macs Good Time Tavern

The Johnny Macs Good Time Tavern is a great place to relax after an extensive day spent in the outdoors. Enjoy comedy night, sports, or the good company while snacking on the food and trying the specials. Be sure to check the calendar, because the tavern holds various events throughout the year like karaoke, beer tastings, and cook-offs.

10. Recreate at the Flaming Gorge Reservoir

There is no excuse to become bored in Rock Springs, Wyoming. If you find yourself looking for an extra adventure, be sure to visit the Flaming Gorge, a reservoir that was created when the Flaming Gorge Dam was constructed. From January to December the scenery can be enjoyed. During the winter you can enjoy cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. Enjoy hiking, boating, fishing, biking, camping, and backpacking during the summer months.

During your visit to Rock Springs you can be assured that adventure is to be had and experience is to be gained. Like most cities and towns within Wyoming, Rock Springs truly reflects the genuine quality and sparkling personality of this beautiful state.

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