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Totality Enroute for Casper


Totality is a strange word. At first, the word seems a bit rash, as if you have wholly wrecked a car. It also seems a bit overarching like it carries the weight of the world. It might even make a great garage band name. However, you’ll be even more surprised to know in astrological circles, it is simply another way to say, a total eclipse of the sun.


What’s happening?


August 21, 2017, Casper, Wyoming is right in line to behold a spectacle not seen anywhere in the world since 1918, nearly 100 years ago. There’s only a small group of people alive today that may have laid eyes on such a scene of pitch black darkness during the day – we’re looking at you great grandpappy!


Why in Casper?


Casper isn’t the only place to receive some unavoidable shade during the day this upcoming August. If you watch this quick video from Tech Insider, they’ve laid out the totality’s course over the US and thrown in some interesting facts about it.



What to expect.


If you’re from the local area, you’ll maybe want to make a weekend out of it and stay at friend’s or take up residence on the couch with family. Are you lucky enough to be living in Casper? Be ready for a flood of scientists, photographers, and more people than you’ve probably ever seen visiting Casper at once prepping for this once-in-a-lifetime event.


What else can I do that weekend?


No, you don’t need to make it to Casper to see day become night in Wyoming. But if you’re looking to see the true fullness of totality, then you’re going to want to be there to witness it. There is also plenty happening in Casper to get you in the spirit of partying like totality only comes once a century.


Here’s a dedicated website for Eclipse Casper it even has a countdown, breakdown of live events, other places to explore in and around Casper, and plenty more options for a fun-filled weekend you’re sure to remember – albeit, a little shadier than usual.


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