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Events Coming To Casper Event Center


Concerts Coming To Casper Event Center

About Casper Events Center

The Casper Events Center is the premier location for entertainment in Wyoming. Located in Casper, this 8,395-seat arena has welcomed everyone from the Sesame Street Live show and rockers Sugar Ray to monster truck rallies and of course the beloved Casper Coyotes. The array of entertainment here is a sign of how amazingly versatile and exciting this venue really is!

Founded in 1982 solely by the City’s optional 1 percent sales tax, this is truly a center for the people. It took $22-million to build the arena and the cost was well worth it. Now, it offers locals and not-so-locals the chance to see their favorite entertainment in a top-notch venue where customer care is a primary focus.

The Casper Event Center was built high on Casper Mountain to offer spectacular views of the Platte River Valley. For any nature lover, the view alone will be worth the visit. But, of course, that’s just the beginning. Our venue was carefully crafted to showcase talent we bring in. Whether it’s a million-dollar selling singer or an exciting national rodeo, you’ll be delighted at the presentation and want to come back to see more at our thrilling location.

May Events To Look Out For

May and June are exciting times at Casper Events Center. A full range of entertainment has been created for everyone to find a night of fun. Here are some of the most thrilling!

Carrie Underwood – May 10

May starts off with a bang thanks to mega-country star Carrie Underwood. Her accolades include seven Grammies, 17 Billboard Music Awards, nine American Music Awards and 12 Academy of Country Music Awards! If you’re a true country music fan, this is a must-see night. Carrie is known to put on a fantastic performance with her powerful vocals alone, but adds a full blend of musical entertainment to her nights to boot. Just pop in her CD for the ride and then come visit us on May 10 and get ready to have a country music-filled night you won’t soon forget!

Powwow 2016 – May 14

This is a stellar night of shining support for the female Veterans of our world! Taking the lead from keynote speaker Sarah Plummer Taylor, the event is centered on thanking our war veterans for their hard work and dedication to our country. If you have ever wanted to thank your veterans, this is the night to be at Casper Event Center.

The entire day is dedicated to our female veterans. Start off the morning with some picture framing as lead by Malinda and Jen. They both bring their creative and uplifting spirit to the morning session. They also have a heart for healing and will open the door for honoring your POW WOW memories with respect, love and appreciation.

Later, Vivianne Tran will guide you through a 60-minutes session of mindfulness of the present. She will remind you to SHINE, as that is a major focus of the inspiring event. Ms. Tran is a licensed psychologist and local recover coordinator who has a heart for healing. She will close out her sessions with a Mindfulness Tea Ceremony that follows the 2,500-year-old method of bringing people into the present moment and building a state of gratitude within themselves.

In attendance also is Mr. Chrissy Renfro who will guide teams through counseling by teaching them the basics of the compatibility. She uses the well-known Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to build on teaching people insights into themselves and those around them. Finally, Sarah Plummer Taylor, keynote speaker for this event will take the stage to share her 7-Battle Tested Truths for Building Optimal Wellness and Resilience.

Talk about a night to remember! This one is a special event that focuses on acknowledging the women veterans who serve. Join us to bring recognition to them, and also to improve your own self-awareness.

Federal Coal Program Public Scoping Meeting- May 17th

The Bureau of Land Management is hosting an event on May 17 from 10a-4p to gather public input on issues pertaining to the federal coal program. This is a great way to get your voice heard and speak directly to decision-makers who can give you answers. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that all programs built are structured properly to provide fair returns to taxpayers while being aware of the environmental impact.

Jay Owenhouse-Authentic Illusionist- May 20th

For an evening of illusionist fun, visit Casper Event Center on May 20 as Jay Owenhouse visits. Jay is a world-renowned performer who was voted as “Best Touring Family Show in Asia”. His phenomenal stage show brings together an elaborate setting with mind-boggling theatrics will keep the entire family entertained.

Some of Jay’s fantastic talents will “saw” audience members in half, see into the future and of course bring out his Bengal Tigers Sheena and Shekinah. Both are majestic tigers – one white and one orange—and you can see them up-close follow the lead of this amazing illusionist. Jay has been a staple in the Asian market and is now bringing his entertainment to the US. Be one of the first to see this captivating show at the Casper Events Center. This will be an unforgettable night of excitement for the whole family.

Celtic Woman – May 26th

For any lover of culture and music, Celtic Woman is the perfect mix. As Irish music sensations, this group has been named the #1 World Music Artist by Billboard Magazine six times! Their stage show is breathtaking as they take you to the Irish Isles with traditional classics and contemporary song style. This all-female group has sold more than 8-million albums by delivering their signature sound.

Featured within this group are three main characters of their ensemble. You will also be dazzled by accompanying violinists and a full band including bagpipes. To close off the night, Irish step dancers will honor the stage with their long-standing tradition of boisterous dance and joyous revelry. Come visit Casper Events Center to celebrate in the Irish tradition with Celtic Woman.

Sesame Street Live- June 1st

A delightful day of family fun will visit Casper Events Center on June 1 with “Make A New Friend” presented by Sesame Street Live. Everyone will be there—Cookie Monster, Abby, Ernie and Bert – to celebrate a night of friendship and connection. Grover has a special friend coming in from India named Chamki and the night is dedicated to helping them welcome her.

The welcoming is rife with singing and dancing for the little ones to keep entertained. Not only is it fun, but it teaches a valuable lesson in companionship and the value of friends. Bring the whole family for a day of revelry. Not only is it fun, but cookies will be shared!

Carson & Barnes Circus- June 3rd And 4th

“The World’s Biggest Big-Top Show” is coming to Casper Events Center on June 3 and 4th! This exciting night is presented by the Bar Nunn Fire Department and promises to be a fantastic night for the family. This is the 80th tour of the circus, so expect some extra-special experiences that night. This 2-hour long showcase will dazzle and amaze you with the motorcycle race with death-defying stunts at high speeds inside the center, Pinky the Clown makes an appearance with his joyous humor and acrobats will showcase their agility when soaring high above the circus ring! In addition, there of course will be plenty of lions and tigers and stallions performing their own shows. And don’t forget the elephants—they are always a key part of the circus and this night won’t be a disappointment.

The circus has always been an entertaining family event and when presented at the Casper Events Center, you’ll enjoy the excitement in a carefully crafted floor built for intimacy. Up close, you’ll see every event and have something to talk about for weeks to come.

Ghost Town Gumbo Cook-Off- June 4th

Also on June 4 we’ll have a delicious Ghost Town Gumbo Cook-off! This annual event is proven to delight your taste buds and it’s for a good cause. Proceeds will profit the National Historic Trails Center Foundation. The event doors open at 11am and gumbo-tasting starts at noon. Come to support nature and taste some of the finest gumbo around. In attendance also will be live music, a beer garden, vendors, children’s play areas and a classic car show.

Casper Marathon- June 5th

Celebrate summer by challenging yourself at the 14th Annual Casper Marathon. You can participate in the full or in the half marathon. There will also be a relay event for team building. You are going to love running here because of the amazing Casper setting—remember we are build high above the Platte River Valley which means you get to run surrounded by historic sites and the beauty of nature. Most of the run is alongside the river so you’ll love the experience not just for its physical challenge, but for its majestic views.


Casper Event Center is proud of its diversity of talent. Not only can you find the perfect sit-down event, but you can also find plenty of interactive and educational fun. Come down and visit- surely you’ll find the perfect event for your entire family to enjoy!

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