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15 Things to Know Before You Move to Wyoming


15 Things to Know Before You Move to Wyoming

If you are thinking about packing up your belongings and making your way to Wyoming, there are some things you should know about this big wild state. Here are 10 things to know before you move to head out here to the wild west.

1. If You Leave Your Keys in the Ignition, Your Car Will Still be There the Next Day

Many people in cities may know the struggles of not being able to leave any valuables, let alone their keys in the car. In Wyoming that is simply not the case. Crime rates are extremely low due to the low population so the risk of getting car jacked, or things stolen is very slim compared to big states and cities. In fact people here still leave their homes unlocked all day while they are at work. Crazy right!

2. The Stars Are the Most Beautiful Thing You Will See

When living in Wyoming you are blessed with the most peaceful and beautiful night skies. Every night there is a beautiful arrangement in the sky. The best thing to do is go lay outside on a warm summer night, and simply stare at the sky. Most people from Wyoming will tell you there is nothing more relaxing or romanic. I mean seriously if you want to make a great first impression don’t take your date to a club take her out to look up at the night sky.

3. Where Did My Trampoline Go?

Wyoming wind is not a joke. When you hear people say “ it’s so windy, I might blow away!” they are not kidding. Wyoming has some of the strongest winds and the residents of this state are all too fond of that. If the trampoline in your back yard is not tied down, it will end up down the street or on your neighbors car during one of our notorious wind storms! Along with trampolines, yard ordainments, plants, and toys will be long gone. Sometimes you will never find your trampoline again. Its just gone…forever. #foreverwest

4. You May Not Be A Cowboy But You Have Dressed Like One Before

Agriculture is a big business in Wyoming and that includes ranching/farming. You may not be a cowboy, but you most likely have or will dress like one during your residence in Wyoming. Be sure to go out and get a pair of boots, even if its just for a street dance. They are surprisingly more comfortable than you think. Make sure you rub a little dirt on them before you wear them for the first time. Its easy to spot a city slicker by the amount of shine on their boots at the Sheridan Wyo Rodeo Street Dance.

5. Pronghorn Are Actually called Antelope Around Here.. It’s Just Weird Saying Pronghorn

These animals are far too familiar to Wyomingites. Antelope will be in lazily grazing on your precious flowers that you spent half of June planting and trying to get to survive the wind. You will find them laying in the street sun bathing, or out on the vast prairie enjoying their land. You can tell when someone isn’t from Wyoming because they will say “look at the pronghorn” and you will find yourself looking at them like “what the heck did they just say?”. These animals are very common so be careful while driving because you have a bigger chance of hitting an antelope than a deer.

6. The Best Breweries Are In Our State

Almost every town in Wyoming has a brewery or more than one. For all you beer lovers you will be pleased to try all the different beer Wyoming has to offer. If you travel here you will never have the same beer twice or go thirsty for that matter. Take the time to “drink the west” as they say, Wyoming beer will not let you down.

7. We Usually Always Have a White Christmas

A big thing used in Christmas movies is the beautiful scene of waking up to a fluffy fresh white fallen snow. This is a very common thing for Wyoming, and if it is not a fresh snow there is still usually snow on the ground from a few days before. Wyoming will give you an amazing white Christmas.

8. When You Think Winter is Over, It’s Not

Anyone from Wyoming will tell you that we have some pretty harsh winters. From dumps of snow to frigid temperatures Wyoming’s winters sometimes never seem to end. Skip Fall, it goes Summer then Winter here in Wyoming. April showers bring May flowers isn’t usually the case. Our flowers bloom sometime in mid June. Some rare occurrences Wyoming has had snow in late May, early June and even sometimes in July! For all you powder hounds out there you are going to love it here!

9. If You Have Car Trouble, 15 People Will Stop and Help

Car trouble? No need to worry! While this is an unexpected event do not worry, there will be plenty of people to stop and help you. Even if nobody can fix your problem, someone will be there to give you a ride or wait with you until help comes. We kinda pride ourselves in helping others, its the Wyoming way.

10. Yes We Do Have Cars, No We Do Not Ride Horses to School, Everyday

Going to cities sometimes a common question for people to ask when they find out that you are from Wyoming is, “Do you ride horses to school?” or “Do you guys drive cars?” The answer for everyone out there wondering is, yes we do have cars! Trust me we all are caught up on technology and vehicles. You can even FaceTime me on my iPhone. Most people from Wyoming have smartphones, so yes we know what Facebook is. However there are the few occasions where we have a little fun and ride our horses to school. Rumor has it there are still some old laws on the books that state the principle must provide feed and water and a place to store your horse for the day while you are in class. Can you imagine the look on a principles face if you rode a horse to school!

11. You Can Leave to Work 10 Minutes Before it Starts Because No Traffic

The best thing is when you are going to work in the morning, there will be no traffic. The longest wait that will occur on the way to work is the line at the drop off zone in front of the school, a stoplight, or waiting in line at a coffee shop. There is just not really any traffic.

12. Most Friendly People Around

Doctors offices, hair salons, restaurants, games, school events, or simply going to the grocery store you will mostly likely strike up a conversation with a random person. People are always friendly and will get to know you just in the little meet you have. Odds are if you see them again expect them to remember you and treat you as you are friends that have not seen each other in months or even years!

13. Taco John’s

Everyone has heard of Taco Bell, but have you heard of Taco John’s? Taco John’s serves tacos but it has a “West-Mex” style to the restaurant. When coming to Taco John’s get some of their famous potato oles which are bite size breaded potatoes. Put them in your burrito, or get as a side with your tacos! If you are from Wyoming and living out of state I bet your mouth is watering just reading this! Mmm potato oles.

14. Always Expect Street Dances In Summer

Pull out your cowboy boots and get ready for a good time. Street dances are a big thing throughout Wyoming in most of the towns. Everyone goes out to mingle with friends and family, and dances the night away. One of the best street dances in the state is during the Sheridan Wyo Rodeo. It is a great time! They shut down the entire main street in town. The police officers are on horseback so they can see above the crowd and there are bands on each end of the block and a bar on every corner. Its a great time!

15. Sunsets and Sunrises are Unforgettable

Waking up early is something you will never forget here in Wyoming. The sunrise is one of the most beautiful things in the world. If you happen to miss the sun rise, just wait for the sunset. It is just as beautiful as the sunrise. People who live in Wyoming are truly blessed to be able to see this beauty every single day.

Wyoming is one of America’s most scenic and majestic states. From its rolling hills, to it vast plains, Wyoming is truly a sight to behold for residents and visitors. Each year, more than a thousand people migrate to Wyoming from other states. If you are thinking about planning a trip, come on out, you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Allen Round

    June 28, 2016 at 1:21 pm

    You could add number 16. “People who already live in Wyoming do not want you to move here!” But make it number 1.

    (From a retired Wyoming Game Warden who now lives in California but really misses Wyoming.)

  2. John Koster (Contributing Writer to WILD WEST

    December 3, 2017 at 11:40 am

    Very true comments. WE were only there for a few days but friendly people an spectacular views were all around us. !^ — Bring a camera with a large-space chip and never leave it where you can’t reach it.

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