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10 Reasons Why We Love Gillette Wyoming


10 Reasons Why We Love Gillette Wyoming

The state of Wyoming is filled with national and historical treasures, and the city of Gillette has more than its share of them. For locals and travelers alike, this is one area that, once you’ve seen it with your own eyes, you’ll never be able to forget. Here’s a handy short list of some of the reasons why we truly love Gillette, as well as why you should give it serious consideration as the place for your next vacation trip.

1. Its Convenient Location To Major Sites Across Several States

Perhaps the first thing you should note about Gillette is its very convenient location to a host of major tourist sites that are scattered across several states. For example, within the space of a few hours, you can drive across the Black Hills from Wyoming into South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, and several other classic historical sites.

Then you can drive right back across the state border to check out the Devil’s Tower monument and plenty more incredible sites. For sheer convenience and a host of things to see and do, this is one area that can rarely be beaten. Map it out for yourself to see just what we mean!

2. The Devil’s Tower National Monument

Speaking of the Devil’s Tower, did you know that it was the nation’s first ever historic site to be designated a National Monument? You can access the landmark directly from the city, and be there in no time. Along the way, you’ll drive past the beautiful vistas of the Keyhole Reservoir, another classic national treasure. If you’ve ever longed to see the site where the alien ship made such beautiful music in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, this is the place you’ve got to be!

3. A Wealth Of Classic Coal Mine Tours

While “a wealth of classic coal mine tours” might not seem at first to be an inviting headline, let’s review some basic facts: This is one state that takes its coal mining seriously, and thus has a long and rich history of industrial progress to be very justifiably proud of.

After all, this is a city whose surrounding area provides some 40 percent of our nation’s coal supply to this very day. And the up side for tourists? Lots and lots of cool vintage mining and heavy industrial equipment to look at, underground mines to explore, and a whole lot of hiking and photo taking to enjoy!

4. Plenty Of Classic Rodeo Action To Enjoy

Do you enjoy a good rodeo? Does the thought of bronco busting, bull riding, and rodeo clowning excite you and make you wish you there to be a part of the action? Well, saddle up, because this is one area where you can get more than your fill of classic, family friendly rodeo fun! The city is host to the National High School Rodeo Finals, as well as many other annually sponsored rodeo events, so there’s no excuse not to buy a ticket and reserve your seat for the action.

5. The Area Is An Outdoor Lover’s Mecca

Even if you’re not much of a city kid, you can still find plenty of exciting, relaxing outdoor fun to enjoy in the surrounding area. You can head out for a full day of camping and fishing at the Powder River, or explore the quiet majesty of the Thunder Basin National Grassland. If you’re a fan of wild life, you’ll see plenty of bison, deer, and even the occasional wild horse. Fishing, camping, hiking, and other wholesome day trip opportunities abound all throughout the area.

6. Get In A Full 18 Holes At The Bell Nob Golf Course

Of course, the area isn’t all about fishing, camping, and bison spotting, If you’re an avid enthusiast of golfing, you can get in a full 18 holes at the Bell Nob Golf Course. One of the nation’s finest gaming facilities, the Bell Nob has everything an avid golfer could ask for, from beautiful scenery to a fully loaded course that’s trickier than its peaceful surroundings might lead the casual onlooker to believe.

If you’re looking for the perfect venue to mix your Western vacation with a little well timed business dealing, you couldn’t ask for a more appropriate place. What better place is there to network than a roomy, comfortable golf course situated in one of the nation’s premier Western landscapes? This is one game of golf you’ll remember with pride for the rest of your days.

7. Visit The Campbell Country Rockpile Museum

One of Campbell County’s premier attractions is its world famous Rockpile Museum. The museum is a mixed but ultimately satisfying potpourri of the area’s long and rich history. This is the place where you can expect to find everything from Native American artifacts, period Western rifles, dinosaur fossils to period train schedules, gold dust, and – of course – plenty of rocks piled up from centuries’ worth of mining activity.

This is one state museum that truly features something of interest for everyone. Prepare for a full day of roaming around the museum itself, as well as its outside grounds, and be ready to get a whole new perspective on the area and the myriad of fascinating activities that gives it its unique historical and contemporary character.

8. Cattle And Bison Ranches By The Dozens

If you’ve ever longed to visit a real life cattle or bison ranch, this is the place where you will certainly get to fulfill your wish. You’ve seen the fun filled daily activities that folks from all parts of the nation (and, indeed, the world) get up to at their local dude ranch. Why not come out to Wyoming and see if you’ve got what it takes to saddle up the pony and get out there into the thick of the Western lifestyle? The Durham Ranch is an especial favorite for locals and travelers alike, but there are plenty more to choose from.

9. The Annual Donkey Creek Festival

For music lovers and outdoor revelers alike, the region’s annual Donkey Creek Festival is a true must see. The annual event takes place in the summer time, and is always packed with some of the nation’s biggest draws. Past performers have included the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, Paula Cole, the Big Swing Trio, and many more. Festival conditions are tightly controlled, but the atmosphere is always loose and joyful.

Best of all, there is plenty of outdoors activity to be enjoyed near the site, so that travelers can enjoy a full day of music, then head out to the surrounding area to enjoy the natural sights and sounds of the country. It’s a magical combination that draws thousands of visitors, each and every year, and it’s yours to experience this coming summer.

10. Outdoors And More Outdoors

Sure, the region isn’t filled with majestic mountains, sun kissed beaches, and majestic forest lands, but there’s a quiet, pastoral hush over these seemingly endless short grass plains that draws many a visitor to the area, year after year. Whether it’s the thrill of viewing wild herds of bison in their natural grass land habitat, or the sight of majestic buttes and hills, or even the fascinating, one of a kind, geological formations, there is always something new to happen upon in the area.

Keep in mind that the above listed examples are only a small sampling of the many historical and natural wonders that the city and its surrounding area have to offer. If you’re in the mood for something off the beaten path and definitely out of the ordinary, this is one vacation opportunity you’d be a fool to pass on. For the adventure of a life time, at any time of the year, the Equality State is your best bet!

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