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Wyoming’s First Vertical Hemp Company Takes Root


Able Holdings – First Wyoming Based Company to Offer Hemp and CBD Products to the World

Able Holdings has been building its vertical model for the region’s hemp industry over the past two years.

Able Holdings, a Sheridan, Wyoming, based company has launched its full service, vertically-designed business to bring hemp production and value-add products to a global market.  The company is working diligently with Wyoming based farmers and trusted seed experts to get seed in Wyoming soil as soon as growers are able to get permitting approved with the Wyoming Department of Agriculture.

Able has six distinct business categories and a team of experts who are serving customers ranging from nationwide farmers to a global base of hemp product customers.  Its subsidiaries are already providing specialized consulting on farming and specialized hemp-related business lines:

·      Advisory–  Providing advocacy and education in American hemp markets.

·      Seed – Readily available for Wyoming and regional production.  

·      Processing – Helping regional Farmers create a market for their production

·      Extraction – Pulling valuable oils, proteins, and fiber from the region’s production

·      Product Development – Developing consumables, supplements, clothing, building products, plastics, packaging, cosmetics, and other value-add products.

·      eCommerce Services – Providing web build, inventory management, and fulfillment services

Able Holdings’ officer and Business Development Lead, PJ Treide said, “the interest level in our region is off the charts for the why, how, and when for hemp production.”  We are fielding calls and emails daily from growers and customers in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, Wyoming and beyond.”  He continued, “Not since the end of Prohibition has an industry had the opportunity to build such a perfect vertical model while also building worldwide production capacity and important economic diversification.  It is important we do this right, with very calculated steps for Wyoming’s future,” he said.

Right now, it looks as if it may be late Spring 2019 at the earliest before any permits are approved by the State of Wyoming, and that should still give plenty of time to get crops in the ground.  The company already has commitments for 28 acres of production in Wyoming with several others taking a “wait and see”, or an “acre at a time” approach.  The company believes that diversifying risk among many growers in small plots will be the key to long-term trust and success as farmers dial in their growing rotations.

Treide was also quick to point out, “We are not in favor of marijuana being legalized.  We have been very clear since day one with our legislators and farmers that we hope our region can lead in industrial hemp production and the manufacturing of zero THC, high content CBD, and valuable hemp-based products for the long-term.  Marijuana clouds that proposition and creates cross-pollination issues that would be detrimental for our state.  We have created our own policies around growing, processing and extracting hemp that will go above and beyond the requirements as set by Federal and state law.  We are also excited to be a founding member of the Wyoming Hemp Association and we look forward to partnering in Wyoming and beyond as this industry grows and matures in the coming years.”

See their initial products at www.ablecbd.com. For more information, please contact PR at Able – PR@ablecbd.com or at 307-461-9881.

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