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The Shout Heard Around the State


Story by Eric Salveggio
Pictures by Eric and Karie Salveggio, E Bar K Photography

Cheyenne Frontier Days is always a huge event for Wyoming, and this year’s 123rd showing once again proved why so many flock to see it from
around the world.

There were a lot of firsts this year–Women’s Breakaway Roping for one. Normally seen at collegiate level events, this year CFD participants got to witness women who could not only ride, but rope a calf at a professional level. This year’s winner, Jordon Jo Fabrizio, was the epitome of women in rodeo–sharp, and a competitive cowgirl through and through. Jordon also ropes as a header in team roping, and breakaway roping in US Tie Down Roping events. A student herself, she’ll be graduating with her Masters in Business Administration from Texas A&M. With a final score of 4.18 seconds, Jordon edged by her competitors by a mere .35 seconds. Congratulations on winning this inaugural event!

Nellie Miller

Another first centers around Wyoming’s own Brody Cress. A Hillsdale native, Brody rode the horses in the saddle bronc division like he stole them last year, winning the division for the second consecutive time. The entire state, and many from without, were wondering if Brody could make it a hat trick this year, making it three in a row–something no one has ever done at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Brody had some stiff competition. Wade Sundell, Jacobs Crawley, Sam Harper and others were out to ensure one of them, and not Brody, would go home with the title. Like last year, it came down to the last couple rides. Sam Harper came out with a blazing 86, only to be tied by Jacobs Crawley. Wade Sundell, always good for a fantastic ride, was horribly fouled on the gate when his horse slammed his entire left leg into the gate on exit. Wade quickly hopped off, and was helped to the gates, where everyone waited to see what he would say about the option of a re-ride–which quickly came as a yes. Then it was Brody’s turn. If Brody rode last year like he stole them, he rode this horse like a demon. With the afternoon sun blazing down, Brody spurred, the horse bucked, and the crowd screamed when the announcer screamed out Brody’sscore of 87.5, placing him in first place. Now it all came down to Wade Sundell. Would Wade’s injury hamper his performance? Many who know Wade felt he was going to go all out, or die trying–and go all out he did. He raked his spurs across that animal with everything he had and the horse bucked and spun and did everything but throw Wade off. By this time the noise of the crowd was extreme….but the roar that sounded when the announcer gave Wade’s score of 86, and that Brody was the winner, was literally felt as a shock wave all across the arena, surrounding area, and I’m sure the entire state. Brody Cress, a Wyoming native, had taken his third consecutive trophy in an event at the CFD for the first time in history.

Brody Cress

Other notable winners at this year’s CFD were Nellie Miller, who took her second consecutive win in Barrels, Stetson Wright in Bulls with a score of 93 (1 point off the arena record), Clayton Biglow in Bareback with an astounding score of 91, Trey Sheets in Steer roping with a 45.6 avg, Marty Jones with a 32.3 avg in the Senior Steer roping, Eli Lord busting a move in Steer wrestling with a 6.9 second time, and last but not least, David Bird and Trey Yates in team roping with a winning average score of 7.8 seconds

This year’s CFD was, and still is the Daddy Of’ Em All.

Clayton Biglow
Stetson Wright

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