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Sold! Former U.S. Army Green Beret turned businessman buys the town of Buffalo, WY.


BUFFALO, WY — “The American Dream” – “The ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved.

It would seem that former Green Beret turned businessman, Bert Kuntz and his wife Candace, have brought together a few like-minded investors who share their “American Dream”, and they’re living it. Bison Union, their company, along with 6 investors who preferred to remain anonymous at this time, have finalized the purchase of the small Johnson County town of Buffalo, Wyoming, for $41.19 Million Dollars.  The purchase includes 14 downtown properties, a gas station, general store, 2 hotels, and a burger joint. 

Bert and Candace aren’t some highfalutin’ city slickers with intentions on bringing big city living to small-town America, quite the opposite, it would seem.  Kuntz plans to move nearly 100 head of bison to coexist with the city of Buffalo, even keeping a number of them in a designated place on Main Street. “When we heard that there was a possibility of Bison Union buying Buffalo, WY, and bringing our herd of buffalo to Buffalo, we saddled up. This was our American Dream, and we’ve done it. Now the real work starts.” Said Kuntz. “I’ve always wanted to be a simple kind of man, I want to be a part of something folks can love, and understand,” said Kuntz. “These animals, and this community, will make the greatest town on earth. When we started saying Make Buffalo Great Again, we meant the reputation and respect of the animal, but now, it has a whole new meaning. Buffalo, Wyoming, was already great, but it’s going to be the best town in the nation. I have no doubt, wait until you see what’s coming. Mark my words.” 

After serving in U.S. Army Special Forces and living in Salt Lake City, Utah, for a time; they decided was time for a change. Bert and Candace came to Wyoming in late 2017, scoping out places to live and move their businesses. Bert and Candace had settled on moving their businesses to Sheridan and purchased a cabin in small Story, WY, in early 2018. Shortly thereafter, they started a bison ranch in South Dakota called Land and Bison foreshadowing a dream they couldn’t fathom, that has now come to fruition. “We didn’t know if it was going to happen, but we’ve never backed down from a fight.” said Bert, “…this is the war I was made for, and as of 1400 hours today, we’ve won.” The paperwork was officially signed Friday, March 29th at 4PM MST. “This is the biggest thing we’ve ever done. We really hope that blue collar folks like ourselves will share this story and tell their friends, because the American Dream does exits, and it’s right here in Buffalo, Wyoming.”

On a trip back home from their Bison ranch in South Dakota, the couple stopped in Buffalo where, by happenstance, they met county commissioner, Bill Novotny. Novotny, always delighted to see new faces in the town his family has called home for generations, welcomed Bert and Candace and made them aware of the town’s availability for purchase. “Originally, I was hoping they would make a T-shirt to raise money for our pool… Well, we quickly cannonballed into the deep end of a conversation, and now, here we are,” said Novotny, with a smile on this face. Novotny was kicked by a buffalo as a child, but overcame the experience and committed himself to public service to his township. “Make Buffalo Great Again…” said Novotny, “…now that’s a Buffalo I can get behind.” 

 “Bison have always been my spirit animal…” said Kuntz in a candid interview, “…they’re (Bison) the true kings of the jungle. They could kill anything that moves, but they choose a peaceful way of life. This is my path as well.” Kuntz, a former Green Beret, is excited to move on to greener pastures and new chapters in his life. “The only combat I see now is the pre-workout powder I use and when Candace takes too long in our single bathroom in the cabin.”

Bison Union LLC is kicking off their official purchase of Buffalo, WY, with a “Make Buffalo Great Again” T-shirt, a “…purchase that anyone in the world can make to support the dream and be a part of this extraordinary venture.”

What’s better yet–the proceeds will support the pool that started the whole adventure of buying a small Wyoming town. Bert claims that anyone who buys and shows up wearing the shirt will get a free ice cream cone on Friday’s as long as they “give him the finger, guns.” He also insisted we add that “no one cares about your stupid diet.” (“Views expressed are that of Mr. Kuntz and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any Wyoming Magazine to its staff. We might care about your stupid diet.)

We at Wyoming Magazine want to congratulate Bert and Candace and their team of investors, and we look forward to following and reporting on this stranger than fiction American Dream. Having witnessed the official signing of the sale, we’ve all purchased a shirt to show our support and join in the dream. Make Buffalo Great Again. 

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Make Buffalo Great Again!


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